Intelligent Data Centres Issue 3 - Page 23

INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE POWERED BY THE DCA standards which are deemed important to ensure efficiency, repeatable quality, consistent service delivery or consumer confidence, especially for anyone new to an industry. Membership in a trade association can be a vital link to learning about these practices and performing the best work possible. The fast pace of technology and market competition means that best practices are constantly updating and changing. Exchange of ideas Not only do members have access to information about updates in a sector or industry, they can also play a large role in determining changes. Trade associations provide a forum for members to share ideas and develop new ways to improve their industry through the creation of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) or by collaborating on R&D projects. Access to this kind of collaboration is normally open to all members, this allows for more experienced members to help newer members grow and it also provides the opportunity for all members to share innovative ideas that can help the whole sector. Steve Hone, CEO, DCA either by a trade association or written by the members themselves. Published content is normally reviewed by the trade association to ensure a balanced impartial view is maintained. Often copy space secured by trade associations is only available to members. Relationships Aside from the professional benefits that are available through trade associations, they also provide an opportunity for members to connect to other associations. Trade associations tend to be very well connected and often work together on joint initiatives either directly or indirectly connected to their specific area of focus. These strategic alliances provide members with valuable insight and further collaborative opportunities. Sustainability There are virtually no industries that do not have a skills shortage issue. Be that nursing to construction, plumbing to teaching – most sectors face the same challenges. Trade associations can play a vital role in bringing stakeholders together to address this issue through collaboration and to ensure their sector has the visibility it needs to help facilitate a sustainable skilled workforce to meet future demand. These are just some of the most common benefits of membership in all trade associations, and there are many others that are specific to each industry or business. No matter the nature of the industry, trade associations give their members many advantages in a fast- paced, competitive world. Joining the Data Centre Alliance Organisations join the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) Trade Association for a variety of reasons. For some it’s purely brand association, for others it’s for the PR and networking opportunities. Whatever your primary reason for wanting to join the DCA, if membership is actively used it will bring many benefits. It’s important that the DCA is not seen as a sales/lead generation organisation, however we can provide guidance if this is what you are seeking. The DCA can assist you with brand elevation and promotion through a variety of activities. To get the maximum benefits out of DCA membership we encourage our members to become proactively engaged, this brings a greater awareness of both your brand and the products/services you offer – all helping to drive new business. If you are considering joining the Data Centre Trade Association as a Corporate Partner, International Partner or are just keen to understand how the DCA can start working with you then pick up the phone as we are always happy to help. Contact the DCA on +44 (0)845 873 4587, or visit ◊ Business never comes to those that stand still or hide. Best practices/standards Any line of work has a specific set of best practices / Issue 03 23