Intelligent Data Centres Issue 3 - Page 12

NEWS Angola Cables opens data centre in Brazil The companies will also continue to enrich and expand their Connected Conservation programme ngola Cables has announced the opening of its carrier-neutral data centre, AngoNAP Fortaleza in Fortaleza, Brazil. The completed facility is now open for business and offers scalability, continuous connectivity and host and cloud services for local and external entities. A This interconnection point will help African entities to develop businesses in different regions of Brazil, Latin America and the USA. The facility is a primary interconnection point for the region, which will host Angola Cables’ two newest intercontinental submarine cables, SACS (South Atlantic Cable System) and Monet. “The AngoNAP Fortaleza facility has far reaching advantages and benefits for CDNs, IXPs, OTTs as well as national and international telecom operators and content providers seeking to extend and expand their global reach and product offerings from Brazil to the world,” said António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables. The company added that the structure of the data centre will accommodate other submarine international cables systems, backhaul providers, content providers and CDNs, including research and academic Internet exchange points in Latin America. According to Angola Cables, the new data centre has been specifically designed to receive more submarine cables landing in Fortaleza and will provide multiple connection services for any businesses that require high capacity data services to run their modern, Internet and technology driven enterprises. Dimension Data and Cisco announce co-innovation partnership imension Data and Cisco have announced a new co-innovation agreement to develop a deeper collaboration environment and framework to jointly solve clients’ business needs. D Drawing on their respective core strengths, competencies and technologies, the companies are coming together to provide the scale and market-reach to transform ideas into viable, deployable solutions. They have more than 28 years of experience working together, bringing to market a technology portfolio that offer solutions from the cloud to the data centre and all the way out to the edge. Issue 03 Working closely to innovate beyond traditional products to solve business and operational challenges will allow both companies to drive more ambitious projects and outcomes. They share a vision of tapping into their deep pools of existing technology and co-innovating with customers and the broader ecosystem to meet client needs as they arise and deliver enhanced capabilities in an agile fashion. ◊ As part of the multi-year agreement, both companies plan to leverage Cisco’s global network of Co-Innovation Centres to drive collaboration in key areas such as 5G, Internet of Things and Blockchain. Additionally, the two companies will continue to enrich and expand their Connected Conservation programme that is leveraging sophisticated solutions to protect 12 and better the planet, endangered animals and communities. Ettiene Reinecke, Dimension Data’s Group Chief Technology Officer