Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 82

GO PHISH challenge of the future will be to manage this situation successfully. How do you deal with stress and unwind outside the office? Dealing with stress obviously requires one to find a way to unwind. There might be many ways of how people do this, for me the best method is horse riding. I am a passionate horse lover since early childhood, and only learned later that this is not just something I love to do, but it is also of the utmost help in dealing with stress! When riding a horse, it is the essential to entirely concentrate on best the in so, g doin not horse; if you are the in ; work not will cise exer the , case on worst case, you might find yourself ted. oun dism ng havi the ground without s all Therefore, time with the horse take is that and work off ely entir mind my of ay! holid of achieving more than a day What do you currently identif y as the major areas of investment in the cybersecurity industry? There are so many different and very net of interesting developments ; the Inter from will, ng puti com d Things and clou l my point of view, play a very influentia on ct impa role in the next years. The er the market is far bigger in the long the ng seei only ently curr term ; we are d is tren g estin inter ther Ano it. of t star essary the analytics that will become nec e lleng cha this ; data big to make use of ers. answ big needs Are there any differences in the way cybersecurity challenges need to be tackled in the different regions (Middle East, Africa, Europe, Americas)? ns The global nature of business mea that ats thre er cyb the y, that toda 82 companies lly across the world face are essentia t is Eas dle Mid the , the same. That said have s ntrie cou y man that in nuanced which large numbers of expat residents, ents elem ural introduces diverse cult s a in the workforce. This in turn add of the one to y bilit varia of ree deg e larg ty: curi erse cyb fundamental pillars of ve belie I why is This or. the human fact to d nee on regi the in s tion organisa pay special attention to this when developing their processes and cybersecurity frameworks. What changes to your job role have you seen in the last year and how do you see these developing in the next 12 months? One of the most important things to think of is to develop people skills and ensure sufficient communication in your team. What advice would you offer somebody aspiring to obtain C-level position in the security industry? Technology is changing more and t more rapidly, and there are constan and g ngin cha ire requ h challenges whic bility adapting my job role and responsi s. nge cha to stay topical with relevant to not care take At the same time, I apply forget lessons learnt in the past to t mos the in ents lopm deve t the lates beneficial way. lot of Given the technology focus that a one rity, secu people have who work in of think to s thing t rtan of the most impo re ensu and s skill ple peo lop is to deve team. sufficient communication in your icular part a in rt expe an It is good to be t your trus to t rtan impo also is it area, but them r owe people and develop and emp t in a suitable way. Another importan all with date to up ain rem to is aspect in cs topi g the research and emergin in the cybersecurity to react to changes u . way al efici most ben Issue 01 |