Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 78

decrypting myths The black market for toolkits and ‘hackers for hire’ means that anyone can buy the technical savvy they need. recently, attackers have also started to implement mass data destruction attacks which can seriously damage a business. When? What? WHAT? There is a myriad of different attack techniques that target different weaknesses, so it is important to 78 pinpoint exactly what caused the incident. Defacing websites has fallen out of fashion in favour of ransomware and data theft. DDoS attacks that either directly target a company’s digital infrastructure, or indirectly target its service providers, are also a growing concern. More WHEN? Understanding the timing is all part of building a better picture of the incident. There are no holidays in the global hacking community, though particularly savvy attackers may purposely engage in a cyberattack during national holiday periods when they know security personnel could be short-staffed and on low alert. Timing is also an important factor to consider if you do need to notify business partners and customers that their data has been compromised. Issue 01 |