Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 72

CYBERSECURITY: THE WINNER TAKES ALL It is pretty much given that most people have their personal information documented somewhere in virtual space. Anton Jacobsz, Managing Director at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited, says it is essential that businesses and individuals know all the risks and how to prevent them. D ata has been captured in many forms and bits and bytes through online transactions, social engagement, studies, business and work, shopping, medical treatments and through play (such as answering those fun personality quizzes on Facebook or by gaming). To live, survive and cope in this world, Internet users are arguably forced to put their trust into the custodians of their data to keep it safe, accessible at any time from anywhere and, of course, on a multiple of devices and platforms. So, unless your aim is to hide from civilisation, it is essential that businesses and individuals know all the risks and how to prevent them. 72 “Personal information is boosting the phenomenal innovations happening in the AI, machine learning and deep learning spaces,” said Jacobsz. “But, where there is a door in to reach this info, there is also the danger of cyber criminals slipping through keyholes and squeezing in under doorframes, all with the basic aim of using data maliciously. “Of course, the more machines that are connected – think Internet of Things (IoT) and all things smart: cars, homes, mobile devices, industry machines and utilities – the more widespread the potential cybercrime infestation and destructive aftermath becomes.” A blog published by Fortinet, securers of the largest enterprise, service provider and government organisations around Anton Jacobsz, Managing Director at Networks Unlimited the world, and whose solutions are channelled into Africa by Networks Unlimited, states: “The cybercriminal marketplace is adept at adopting the latest advances in areas such as artificial intelligence to create more effective attacks.” The blog highlights that Fortinet expects this trend to accelerate into 2018, enabling additional destructive trends. “All users of the Internet should take heed of these trends,” added Jacobsz. These trends are: The rise of hivenets and swarmbots “It is easy to predict that cybercriminals will eventually replace botnets built with Issue 01 |