Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 60

Although they know that they need to collaborate, organisations are rightfully worried that sensitive intellectual property and customer information that is shared with third parties may end up in the wrong hands. add a host of access rights and usage controls that stay with a document as it is shared with third parties. This ‘data -centric’ approach, where controls are applied to the files themselves and remain 60 active even while the file is being utilised, liberates data from any weaknesses in the underlying ICT infrastructure and data management policies. With modern EDRM solutions, the range of usage controls that you can apply to a document is comprehensive. The owner of the data has the ability to manage and remotely modify who can view, edit, copy, screen capture, print and re-distribute files. Users can specify from which devices or locations a document can be viewed and even for how long. EDRM solutions can also be integrated seamlessly into existing enterprise solutions, including identity and access management, content management, data loss prevention, ERP and email, electronic file sharing systems. This way, the application of usage controls happens automatically as files are downloaded, detected and shared. Because EDRM is highly adaptive, controls can be applied as standard to every shared document and specific restrictions can be set on individual files. The emergence of data-centric solutions rec v6W2FBFF2vW 6FVBW6W6fVǒvF6'&FPWGv&2B6w2FFF&V6V7W&RvW&WfW"BG&fV2GW&p6&&F"vVFRVFW&ǖpg&7G'V7GW&R2&VV6&6VBvFTE$6WF6R&v6F066&&FRvF6fFV6Rࢢf6wWF2VB6V6&Rg&6RF7F'GWFv&W FRFF6VG&26V7W&G&WBvFf7W2V6Rb6V7FfG@W6&ƗG6V6&^( 26WF2&R&VpW6VB'fW"b6W2#6VG&W2FFG&W726V7W&GvfW&6PB6Ɩ6R6VvW2f62औB&&w&GVFRB7V6Ɨ7B&WG&26V7W&G77FV2P77VRwwrFVƖvVF666