Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 53

COVER STORY deviates too far from what is considered acceptable or normal. Constantly learning and self-improving, these algorithms help Allergan stay one step ahead of its evolving threat landscape. THE THE RESULT RESULT Through the use of Exabeam advanced analytics, Allergan can easily and proactively detect insider threats and compromised credentials before they develop into security breaches or loss of intellectual property. Towers described one specific example that underscores the value Exabeam’s solution is delivering. “We had a handful of users that we know based on the analytics, and behavioural and access patterns, were behaving differently than they had in the past.” “We knew these users weren’t likely to steal data or to do anything nefarious intentionally, so our theory was their credentials had been compromised. Based on the access patterns, we investigated and found out what actually had happened and there was an attempt to steal some data. We were able to stop this before it happened.” Allergan requires ongoing protection from complex threats like malicious insiders and compromised accounts. trends and create behaviour baselines which provide the much-needed context required to spot and flag any activity that | Issue 01 Exabeam’s behaviour-based approach to threat detection delivered value for Allergan out of the box, without the need for extensive customisation or lengthy professional services engagements. Towers said: “One of the things we liked about Exabeam frankly was that it was by far the quickest to deploy of any of the technologies that we looked at. We were able to see value in it, and evidence that it was actually doing its analytics – and giving us potential alerts – within a few days.” After seeing how its solution works in practice for Allergan, Towers identified three primary benefits and value propositions Exabeam is delivering: “Number one, it’s proactive. We had really good capability to respond to incidents after they happened; Exabeam now allows us to look at potential indicators before they happen. Machine learning techniques can discover important connections between seemingly unrelated parts of identities. “Number two, it provides a mitigation to two of our most challenging risks: data exfiltration and insider theft. “It does so without a lot of tweaking, configuration or consulti ѥe)՜ЁѼѡݽɬЁݽɭ̻t)Q]<)Q]