Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 46

industry unlocked • Cloud: A great additional resource for resiliency against ransomware. For one, it’s a different file system and, secondly, it is authenticated differently • Rotating hard drives (rotating media): Offline when not being written to or read from 4. Leverage different file systems for backup storage: Having different protocols involved can be another way to prepare for a ransomware attack. It’s imperative that users add backups on storage that require different authentication. 5. Achieve complete visibility of your IT infrastructure: One of the biggest fears of ransomware is the possibility that it may propagate to other systems. Gaining visibility into potential activity is a massive value- add. An Availability solution should have a pre-defined alarm that will 46 trigger if there are a lot of writes and high processor utilisation, which is a typical ransomware pattern. 6. Let the Backup Copy Job do the work for you: The Backup Copy Job is a great mechanism to have to create restore points on different storage and with different retention Ransomware’s notoriety is not a surprise, considering its ability to evolve and surpass traditional data protection solutions. rules than the regular backup job. When the previous points are incorporated, the Backup Copy Job can be a valuable mechanism in a ransomware situation because there are different restore points in use with the Backup Copy Job. However, with the Backup Copy Job being a VBK file, it can also get infected with ransomware unless the copy is in a cloud, on tape or air-gapped. 7. Educate all employees on ransomware not just your IT staff: Social engineering and phishing schemes are effective when companies do not educate employees on the dangers of ransomware nor the specific activities that leave the company vulnerable. Establish a strong source of education, communication and support to ensure the entire company is equipped to avoid propagating a ransomware attack. u Issue 01 |