Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 45

industry unlocked to follow. The username context that is used to access backup storage should be closely guarded and exclusive for that purpose. Additionally, other security contexts shouldn’t be able to access the backup storage other than the account(s) needed for the actual backup operations. Do not use DOMAIN/Administrator for everything. 2. Start using the 3–2–1 Rule: Veeam promotes the 3–2–1 Rule often and for good reason. It essentially states to have three different copies of your media on two different media sites, one of which is off site. This will help address any failure scenario without requiring specific technology. Moreover, to effectively prepare in the advent of a ransomware attack, you should ensure that one of the copies is air-gapped, i.e. on offline media. The offline st Ʌѥ)ܹѕэͼ))%Ք)єѡ)ɕͥյȁ)х́)ѥѥ̰Չ)չ)Ʌͽ݅ɔ)ѥ́ɔɅɕ)ՔѼѡ)ɅٔɅѕɥ)յ))͕Օ̸)ѕЁ䁽ѥ́ݡɔ)ԁЁȁ͕)䁽ѡф(̸$!ٔѽɅ́Ёѡ)مɅѕ=ѡ)Ё́Ёɽѥ)Ʌͽ݅ɔѥѼѡ)ѽɅ́Ѽх)ѽɅQɔɔյɽ́(͕ѽɅѥ̸)Q͔Ց+$Q ѕ䁽ݡ)ɥѕȁɕɽ+$MѽɅ͹́͡ɥ)ѽɅ͕ѕՔ)ȁɥѽɅЁѡ)ѽɅ٥)́ѡ́䰁Ё́ݽѠ)ٕɅѼɕٕЁɅͽ݅ɔ)х̸%Ё́хЁѼͥ)ѡЁѡ́Ʌѕ䁥́Ёѥɕ)ͅЁх́)ѡѕ́)ɥɅͽ݅ɔɕɕ(