Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 14

latest intelligence SECURING DYNAMIC CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS Developing your solution checklist in a changing paradigm C PRESENTED BY DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPERS AT: WWW.INTELLIGENTCISO.COM/ WHITEPAPERS 14 loud computing has transformed how we consume and deploy IT solutions. Compute power is rapidly evolving to a utility model, with shared infrastructure at its core. This shared infrastructure underpinning the cloud revolution has also driven a fundamental shift in how we design and deploy technology within the data centre. they predict that 50% of enterprise workloads will migrate to public cloud by 2018. At the same time, the threat environment is only expanding, and it is no longer the traditional hacker breaching the network perimeter that drives those who manage network security. East–west traffic, traffic between systems inside the network, now dominates the corporate data flow. Servers, storage, networks, even the data centre itself has moved beyond physical limits to become virtualised services residing on physical hardware. With this new virtual shared infrastructure model, comes new risks. Hybrid cloud environments link corporate systems and applications to external data sources and customers. According to IDC, 75% of organisations are implementing or considering the implementation of public cloud. Further, Private cloud deployments serve up compute power as a service to application developers deploying new functionality to both internal and external users. The network design paradigm for the data centre is now flatter. u Issue 01 |