Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 13

news A10 Networks helps service providers secure mobile deployments CFW includes support for GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) Firewall with granular Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) inspection and filtering. Also, subscriber and application-aware traffic steering capabilities allow service providers to offer differentiated revenue- generating services for growing subscriber needs. A10’s Thunder CFW 10 Networks, a Reliable Security Always company, has announced the enhancement of its Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW) Gi/ SGi firewall solution to help service providers support demands of existing mobile networks and the emergence of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. A The enhanced A10 Thunder CFW addresses rising security concerns of service providers dealing with network and DDoS attacks that may arise from a variety of intrusion points by delivering comprehensive mobile core infrastructure protection. The A10 Thunder CFW provides a consolidated and secure 5G Gi-LAN solution for an effective defence against attacks that may originate from within the network through weaponised IoT devices and smartphones, attacks from the Internet on the Gi LAN as well as attacks from roaming partner networks. The Thunder A10’s Thunder CFW also helps customers achieve superior levels of performance, scalability and visibility, along with exceptionally high firewall connection rates in a compact form factor. Additionally, A10 security services such as, A10 Threat Intelligence Service and A10 URL Classification Service can be leveraged on the [\ѕ܈Y[]ܞB\X[KXX\۝[\XH[ۙ]\][ۈ[ۜ˂PSUUSTKRSPQSBUSTRQӂSU\ۈH][]ۈ[HUX[Y[Y[\˜H\XH UXXTHX܈]]KR[XY[HU[\ZYۋBH\HݚY\\Z[]KZ[ܙY][ۜ\YۙY[\[Y\\ۈZ\ܙB\][ۜ\YܜZ[˜X][\[U [\\PSUYYXHٙX\^\H]ܛB[\[Y\&H[\HU\XBX[Y[Y[ [\X\HX[Y[Y[[X\]H\]Z\[Y[˂'HZH[و]\[[ۂ[H]\Y\X^HY\˜[]HYH[YY\H^H[]ۈ][[Z\\[\[B˚[[Y[\˘B\YH B]YXx&\XY[^\Y[YUXX[\]ؘ[Hݙ[XY\Y\Z\U 8'HBZY 8'\][ۈ[\\\\Y\]HX[]HݚYBX]\Kۜ\[\XH[]\K\[\\[]\[H]X[]H[ۜ\[Hو^\Y[H^XYB\Y\^H\HYYZ[\K'H]\YH[\\H][ۜ[[\\[Y\Y][ۘ[B[HXHۜY\\[œX\[X[\[BYHX\H[[XK[\ۛY[ [ܙ[ݙ\]H[XZ[[[KY][ۘ\[]\XK'H\˜YY]\\[Y][YH\›XZ[[[H[\ܘYHXYX\[X\HX\HXYH\B[\X\H]X[[\[Yܘ][ۋB[\\PSUYYXHٙX\L