Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 12

news Batelco Receives ISO 27001:2013 Certification in information security atelco, a leading digital solutions operator in Bahrain, has been presented with a new ISO Certificate in Information Security (ISO 27001:2013), following a vigorous auditing process conducted by Certification Bureau Veritas. The certification was received for the following units: B • Technology Units: Telecom Network and IT • Retail operations • Data Centres • Wholesale operations • Cybersecurity operations SEARCHINFORM AND CONDYN BRING DATA LEAK PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY TO MARKET Information security company SearchInForm has partnered with Condyn to bring its next generation data leak prevention technology to the South African and African market. I Being a certified organisation, Batelco applies international security standards in protecting the data of its customers and fulfilling TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) regulation as part of its integrated Risk Management programme within the organisation’s strategic plan. The benefit of the system is based on the principle: one cannot prevent what one doesn’t know about. Therefore, it also takes into consideration social media and other communication channels used daily in organisations. Batelco Bahrain CEO, Mohamed Bubashait, extended his gratitude to all the teams who participated in the achievement which supports Batelco‘s commitment to the protection of its customer data. What SearchInform and Condyn are presenting to the market is the means to be able to monitor all communication channels, employee behaviour and control over technology resources and devices. He also said that the company is keen to raise the competencies of its employees in various fields of work, especially information security. Businesses can track how communication equipment and devices are used, even if these are used outside the business. 12 One of the system’s distinguishing features is the architectural design. It prevents anything from being leaked, whether it is encrypted or not. The system is not linked to the Internet and even updates are done in a secure manner without opening any links into the Internet. The system is also PCI compliant which is extremely important. The entire design is of value to any organisation, whether from an information security perspective or even an operational point of view. The information gathered can increase productivity, structuring and much more in any organisation big or small. “It can help with regards to KPI and KPA management, how much time is being spent on critical business operations and how much is being wasted,” said Jorina van Rensburg, Managing Director of Condyn. Issue 01 |