Intelligent CISO Issue 1 - Page 10

news J2 Software tackles security in the hyper- connected world John McLoughlin, MD at J2 Software frican ICT company J2 Software has launched a range of solutions to keep up with the rapid growth of associated attacks aimed at mismanaged or unpatched devices. “Every day new devices are being added to the corporate environment bringing new threats and vulnerabilities in the picture,” said J2 Software MD John McLoughlin. “This is why we push for visibility of organisations’ entire environment and this must go beyond the corporate network in our modern, hyper- connected society.” A McLoughlin added that systems live in- house and in the cloud with data being accessed and managed on several devices in numerous locations. “Without visibility, you will not even know if something has been lost,” he said. “When a new vulnerability is discovered the cyber-criminals respond faster than most organisations and they make sure they exploit every new opportunity possible. “It is clear to me that cybersecurity and compliance continues to be a massive challenge for many organisations. Attackers are getting more sophisticated in their attacks and most people are defending in the same way they always have. What astonishes me is why they are not driven to change how they are doing things in the face of on-going failure to stop the problem.” 10 HID’S IDENTRUST NAMED AS TOP DIGITAL CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY ID Global has announced that its IdenTrust business is the #1 digital certification