Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 40 - Page 72

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Software for Business POWERED BY MicroStrategy 2019 introduces ‘biggest breakthrough in analytics in over a decade’ ///////////////////////////// directly into a user’s web-based workflows using a HyperCard feature, new with MicroStrategy 2019, which presents powerful information and KPIs about customers, products, people and more. Business users can simply hover over highlighted keywords to surface content-rich HyperCards on websites and in web applications like email, Salesforce, or Office 365. MicroStrategy Founder, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, Michael J Saylor M icroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, has announced that MicroStrategy 2019, the industry’s first and only enterprise platform for HyperIntelligence, transformational mobility, and federated analytics, is now generally available. Founder, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Michael J Saylor and other members of MicroStrategy’s management team, rang the Nasdaq opening bell to celebrate the launch of MicroStrategy 2019. “We’re proud to unveil MicroStrategy 2019, the first enterprise analytics and mobility platform that provides intelligence that organisations need for every moment of the day,” said Saylor. “Intelligence is about time, and when seconds matter, there’s simply no room for information that is one click away – let alone the time to find the right sets of data through self-service analytics. With HyperIntelligence, information becomes 72 INTELLIGENTCIO self-evident. Information about customers, products, and employees naturally surfaces – with zero clicks – at a glance on a screen, by voice or even through the lens of a camera.” Tim Lang, Senior Executive Vice President and CTO, MicroStrategy Incorporated, said: “We believe MicroStrategy 2019 introduces our biggest breakthrough in analytics in over a decade. “For the first time, business users don’t have to look for answers – answers come to them. In addition to our revolutionary HyperIntelligence offering, MicroStrategy 2019 incorporates more than 5,000 customer requests and new capabilities, making it the richest, highest-quality release we’ve ever shipped to market.” MicroStrategy 2019 introduces HyperIntelligence, a new class of enterprise intelligence that transforms the way users access the information needed to make countless decisions every moment throughout the day. With MicroStrategy 2019, organisations can inject information MicroStrategy 2019 enables organisations to seamlessly combine and surface information from over 200 enterprise data sources. For example, organisations can deploy a ‘customer’ hyperCard to their sales representatives. This card can present information drawn from, Marketo, or other enterprise data assets. Whenever salespeople see any of their customer names in their email, spreadsheets, CRM, LinkedIn, Google search, or other websites, MicroStrategy instantly highlights the customer name. The sales representative can simply hover over the highlighted word to bring up a card to surface important KPIs, relevant information and next best action. Having instant information access with transactional capture is becoming increasingly fundamental to a mobile workforce that needs to make and record critical decisions every minute of the work day. MicroStrategy 2019 says it can provide the competitive edge and agility that businesses need to thrive in such a competitive market. The new platform reimagines how people create and work with mobile productivity apps tailored to any business function or role – on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. n