Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 40 - Page 63

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Cabling Getting rugged to cope with harsher environments ///////////////////////////// S iemon has been showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions for the harsh environment, including its line of ruggedised copper and optical fibre cabling and connectivity. Siemon’s ruggedised outlets and modular patch cords provide an IP66/IP67-rated seal, protecting plug and outlet contacts from dust, moisture, industrial cleaning chemicals and vibration to safeguard valuable connections in harsh environments such as in laboratories, hospitals and food processing plants. Siemon has also been showcasing its Automated Infrastructure Management solution MapIT G2 which provides real-time tracking and reporting of activity at the physical layer of a network to improve asset management, reduce downtime and simplify regulatory compliance. “Manufacturing environments have rapidly migrated to Industrial Ethernet to deliver information for industrial automation and control systems and to integrate factory environments with the corporate LAN,” said Prem Rodrigues, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Middle East, India and SAARC at Siemon. “We are now seeing a growing demand for network cables, patch cords and connectors that are capable of withstanding more severe conditions. “However, sufficient knowledge of the standards that apply and the different types of ruggedised solutions available is very important.” Siemon experts have been offering guidance to leading end users in the chemicals, petroleum and gas, electric utility and mining markets through the process of facilitate access to sprinkler systems and other fire suppression systems. Compatible with all Siemon data centre cabinets deployed in a pod configuration, the active cold aisle containment solution improves efficiency and expands the capacity of a data centre without the need for supplemental cooling while leveraging existing fire suppression systems. Prem Rodrigues, Director of Sales and Marketing for the ME, India and SAARC at Siemon selecting the right types of ruggedised cabling and connectivity components for harsher industrial environments. This helps them to maintain long-term network reliability and prevents the need to replace components due to corrosion and damage from a variety of elements. “Companies are increasingly seeking reliable, high-performance network cabling solutions that help them extend their network outside of the corporate LAN into hasher environments,” said Rodrigues. Active aisle containment panels form a horizontal roof across the cold aisle and when used in conjunction with self-closing or manual doors that close off the end of the aisle, the cold air is contained in the aisle to provide targeted cooling to active equipment. Electromagnets hold the active roof panels in place during normal operation and in the event of an alarm, release the panels allowing them to swing open. These magnets utilise 24VDC power and are compatible with most standard power supplies deployed in the data centre environment. The power supply connects to the facility fire alarm control panel or smoke sensor output to ensure that the panels automatically open during an alarm event. n Meanwhile, the company has announced the launch of its active cold aisle containment solution, featuring roof panels that open automatically during an alarm event to INTELLIGENTCIO 63