Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 40 - Page 57

CASE STUDY with cease and desist notices. ZeroFOX has helped Satsangi to identify any websites that were made outside of the official websites deployed by the company – which were immediately disconnected – and site owners were notified. Azizi Developments is one of the leading private real estate developers in the UAE. The awareness of its brand and the projects it is associated with has increased exponentially over the last few years. This led to re-sellers, agents and employees trying to leverage the name of Azizi and its brand to improve their credibility within the market – especially on social media. “So we are looking at a huge recovery from the loss of lead generation which was, prior to ZEROFox, being redirected to other websites that are impersonating Azizi Developments and dropping a lead there, rather than have it come to us.” He added that the solution provides crucial visibility, stating: “You can’t protect what you can’t see.” Customers are also more satisfied with the interaction with the brand, social media leads are no longer being missed and are being converted into solid business and overall brand awareness was increasing due to a concerted effort on a single account HE ADDED THAT THE SOLUTION PROVIDES CRUCIAL VISIBILITY, STATING: “YOU CAN’T PROTECT WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE.” The voice of content used was not unified, the frequency was irregular and there were too many variations of the same profile floating around across the different social media platforms, thus cascading mixed messages to the end-user. The online presence of the company was also tainted by the presence of multiple websites created by different stakeholders with the intent to promote themselves as the official representative of the brand and their offerings. The level of service and dedication provided was not up to the company mark as was discovered and this led to the overall brand image getting diluted in the eyes of the customer. Through the entire process it was evident that the brand of Azizi Developments was being tainted using social media dysfunction and misinterpretation – which led to missed leads. With this unified approach laid down by Satsangi and the team at Azizi, and a closer watch on any scattered approach outside of the official channels, this has dramatically changed over the past three months. Satsangi said: “Our customers now are being directed to our official websites, not impersonating websites. versus a divided approach across different social presence. Anand Choudha, CEO and President, SPECTRAMI, added that nearly 70% of customers visit an organisation’s Facebook page before making a buying decision – so protecting brand reputation is a ‘no-brainer’ for every modern marketing team. He said: “Identifying and removing fake or fraudulent social accounts is now a top priority. With ZeroFOX we have ensured that our customer Azizi Developments company-owned social media and online digital accounts are protected with automated remediation to immediately hide or remove sensitive content.” Intelligent CIO spoke to Ankit Satsangi further about some of the biggest regional cybersecurity talking points. What, in your view, are the biggest cyberthreats faced by the region at the moment? In 2018 Q4 I think we are going to be looking at a few rising attacks in phishing and ransomware. Every company has a certain number of vulnerabilities which can be exploited in some way or another, so we go with a layered approach, a layered defence, not just a single point of defence. Looking ahead, are there any new threats you think are likely to emerge or any other things security professionals need to be aware of? I think the threat landscape is evolving and so is the CISO role. In the very early days a CISO was a very technically-focused person, a very security-focused person but it has evolved to having a more mind-share with the board, more involvement with the board and talking security from more of a business perspective and business aspect and convincing the board why you need budgets rather than answering questions in technical terms as that doesn’t really make any sense, so the CISO is now a management player. How much of a challenge is convincing the board that they need to invest? CISOs have good days and bad days. It is somewhat of a challenge because there are certain things that you can explain – such as anti-virus. That’s a common term. But if we talk about, for example, email security, we would definitely need to portray why we need this layer of defence and, if we don’t, what could possibly be damaged within our organisation. We could possibly be looking at downtime in emails, that would lead to a certain loss of lead generation or business disruption. So, it definitely is a challenge, but it’s all on how you present to the management. n BECAUSE WE ARE IN REAL ESTATE, WE SEE AND WE EXPECT A LOT OF PHISHING ATTACKS TARGETING CFOS AND OTHER C-LEVEL EXECUTIVES. INTELLIGENTCIO 57