Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 40 - Page 53

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// • Accuracy: The usefulness of the answers the chatbot provides, so you can review the quality of the responses for each and every question asked to the chatbot. You get a report, so you quickly see questions that are not being addressed properly. Again, you don’t tend to get that with a standard search engine. • Deflection: The number of contacts to the service desk the chatbot can handle without human intervention, one of your main justifications for doing this in the first place. • Experience: The average customer satisfaction scores of this channel compared to your other channels. Let’s face it, employee satisfaction should be the primary KPI for all AI strategies. Training the chatbot One thing you must consider is the bandwidth of your teams and their availabilities to start to train the chatbot. This shouldn’t be underestimated. The chatbot will only be as good as the quality of training you give it. So, when you research the different chatbots that are out there, it’s FEATURE: ITSM AI COULD BE USED TO HELP IDENTIFY SEEMINGLY UNRELATED INCIDENTS. worth reviewing how much effort it’s going to take and ask for a customer reference. Also, going forward, who in your organisation will be reviewing the chat Q&As to ensure you’re providing the best responses? In the first few weeks, that could be a part-time or full-time position for someone. How do you go about defining your requirements? So where do you start: • Review your own resources and bandwidth to implement and maintain the chatbot • Ask your customer base what their expectations would be • Involve customer advocates at the earliest opportunity to help you define the expectations • Research each chatbot to see which provider will suit your services and what API does it have • If it’s possible, build the chatbot in line with your service catalog (Offering by Offering) and knowledge base (FAQ by FAQ) If you’d like to learn how an AI chatbot integration can transform your ITSM, watch my free webinar by clicking H0gyXkV0, or simply scan this QR code. n INTELLIGENTCIO 53