Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 40 - Page 41

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// local populations. In Saudi Arabia, the dependence on expats has led to 10% of nationals being out of work. Yet there are many factors that make this a complex problem to solve. The region has not seen the level of skills transfer it had hoped for. Employers say that skills gaps are still a major impediment to business growth and several countries fall below the global average in finding skilled employees. The social and cultural impact of a transitory migrant community is another cause for concern for Gulf state authorities, who wish to preserve local values. Foreign workers also take money out of the economy when they send their earnings home. FEATURE: ANALYTICS Despite these concerns, it’s important to note that the Gulf states depend on labour mobility and capacity building to attract foreign investment and underpin the local economy. Expats can accelerate the transfer of skills if managed well and help meet quotas in the short term. Know your organisation in analytical detail before you start upskilling Underlying the issues is the fact that most companies do not have a clear understanding of their workforce. They lack an inventory of skills, detailed knowledge of the work being done and the costs associated with each activity. This lack of Rob Amor, Senior Vice President – Global Channels at Concentra Analytics INTELLIGENTCIO 41