Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 40 - Page 35

A PUBLICATION Providing Unparalleled Technology Intelligence ISSUE 40 // Safe and secure Talking data management with Veeam The upskill imperative Empowering local workers in the Middle East with Concentra AI chatbots Improving your ITSM delivery with AI chatbots Driving performance Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority has implemented a powerful ITSM platform from ServiceNow. The platform has not only boosted functionality and efficiency, it has reduced time for issue resolution, and increased accountability and transparency. Intelligent ITSM Partner Intelligent Phishing Partner Intelligent Business Solutions Partner Global ICIO Knowledge Partner Intelligent Partner Intelligent Manufacturing Partner Intelligent Data Security Partner Global Innovation Partner Intelligent Data Management Partner Intelligent Partner EDITOR’S NOTE W elcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for the Middle East. This issue we take a close look at how the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority has implemented a powerful ITSM platform from ServiceNow. Starting on page 58 you can hear how the platform has not only boosted functionality and efficiency, it has also provided higher levels of automation and mobility. Replacing an inefficient legacy system, the platform has reduced time for issue resolution, increased accountability and transparency, and introduced real-time, accurate reporting and dashboard capabilities. Hamed AlAwadhi, Vice President – ICT, DSOA, told Intelligent CIO that the organisation’s existing ITSM platform required an update to boost performance. “Core to our organisation’s mission and vision is the need for adoption of industry leading business processes, increasing efficiencies, and fostering greater employee happiness,” he said. “As we looked to align our technology with our business growth strategy, we realised that we needed to start by providing higher levels of automation and mobility within our IT service delivery.” We also hear from Craig Whytock, Solutions Consultant, Axios Systems, about the role AI chatbots have to play in the efficiency of ITSM, with Axios Systems introducing AI chatbot integration capabilities into its next release. He talks us through the benefits provided by chatbots especially when it comes to metrics. These include increased accuracy, the ability to review the quality of the responses for each and every question asked to the chatbot, and an increase in the number of contacts the service desk can handle without human intervention. As Whytock tells us: “In terms of your use cases for chatbots – the sky’s the limit, especially if you involve your DevOps team.” We also discuss the devastating impact outages can have on the reputation of a business, their customers and staff morale. Interestingly, he tells us that the impact on business reputation after a breach may not be immediately apparent but over time it becomes all too obvious. “At the end of every phone there is a human being, who has got an opinion and feelings and too often in the data world we tend to think we operate with applications but at the end of everything is a human being,” he says. Find out more by turning to page 51. “We tend to forget that but it’s very important in terms of brand reputation and keeping that consistent.” On page 36 we feature an exclusive interview with Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for the Middle East at Veeam. We have, as ever, all the regular features and new. If you would like to contact me send an email to In a wide ranging interview, we talk about how the company helps enterprises protect their data and cope in the event of a disaster. For the time being, enjoy the read! He tells us how the company has defined five stages of data management with the last stage being automation. He says that at the moment this last stage is something for the future, but tells us that the company currently has a methodology that will keep customers 100% safe and secure every single time. Mark Bowen Editor INTELLIGENTCIO 35