Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 40 - Page 25

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// want AI to notify them if there’s a problem with a product or service. Additionally, UAE consumers expressed trust in the algorithm; 63% want AI to make better recommendations about new products and services. Despite this desire to interact with organisations in exciting and advanced ways, however, the report noted that voice remains a crucial part of the customer experience. Almost two-thirds of UAE consumers prefer using the phone to explain customer service problems, and 73% say they get the best answer to queries by using the phone. “SuperServe organisations recognise the importance of high-quality human interactions, and will provide a contact centre service that leverages AI to anticipate customer needs. The organisations aiming to be successful will also make it possible to provide the same great experience across “ THE REPORT ALSO FOUND THAT UAE CONSUMERS ARE MORE DEMANDING OF SUPERSERVE ORGANISATIONS. TRENDING every channel, be it social, chat, email or phone,” said Hani. SuperServe companies in the UAE do, however, need to be careful around the use of personal data, if the report is anything to go by. The results show that consumers do buy more from organisations that make it easier to do business with them, but 84% worry about security when giving out credit card details over the phone. What’s more, 78% believe that large organisations are not handling their data securely. “Too often, protecting personal data inevitably means poor customer experience as extra layers of interaction, data or passwords are required. SuperServe organisations will utilise technology to help enhance security whilst improving customer ease going forward,” added Hani. n INTELLIGENTCIO 25