Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 97

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// t cht lk “ TODAY’S PHISHING ATTACKS ARE SO PREVALENT AND SO CONVINCING ACROSS ORGANISATIONS. character from other employees and senior managers and, perhaps most important of all, ensure you have a two- stage approval process for all significant fund transfer requests. All the defences in the world aren t going to stop an employee from unknowingly sending large payments to a thief without some proper checks and balances in place. Harish Chib, Vice President Middle East and Africa, Sophos Phishing is a problem that will not go away. But you can be more cautious and train yourself to look for giveaways that will tell you if you have visited a phishing website. Cybercriminals will continue to take advantage of opportunities as long as they are getting their money. The fight is challenging but it’s something we can win. n INTELLIGENTCIO 97