Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 89

INDUSTRY WATCH GOOD ANALYTICS WILL ALLOW YOU TO DIAGNOSE, MANAGE AND RESOLVE ANY ISSUES. L ive streaming is a great way for your enterprise to drive online engagement. The shared experience of watching live events unfold as they happen can create an impact that cannot be matched. However, it’s important to remember that quality issues can threaten the success of your operation – the link between video quality, high viewer expectations and the impact on business should not be ignored. Is it time your business got involved? Ian Munford, Director of Product Marketing, Akamai, gives us the lowdown on streaming live online content. What would be a good starting point for businesses looking to get into live streaming? The first starting point for any media company looking to launch a new live streaming or simulcast service would be to understand the potential audience in depth and understand the need you’re fulfilling. The market for live and VOD streaming is highly competitive and in many countries almost saturated so you need to understand what gap your filling in the market and what would a potential audience really value? This could be a number of things such as the simulcast of TV channels, capturing share in a niche market or a full bouquet of live and video on demand content genres. Companies need to think carefully about the correct business model; should it be ad funded, subscription or a hybrid model? There is fW'&vPƖRVFV6Rrf"Wr6FV@wwrFVƖvVF66ФVf&BF&V7F"b&GV7@&WFrWW&V6W2'WBFBFW6( BV6W76&ǐwV&FVR7V66W72आr'FB2FR77VR`VƗGF&WFrfWvW'3N( 2fW''FBvBB&VWf@6FVBvv2&RFR7@'FBf7F"f"6GW&rVFV6P6&R'WB7G&V֖rVƗGfw2fW'V6ǒgFW"FBFRGW7G'2FRw&VB7G&FW0f'v&BFR7BfWrV'2@fWvW'2rWV7BFr6'BbEbWW&V6RvVFWfWr6FV@FVƗfW&VBfW"FRFW&WBW7V6ǒ6V7FVB"6'BEg2VƗGV2FffW&VBFw2FFffW&V@6W2vWfW"BF26VVG0DTĔtTD4