Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 84

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Mobile Technology habits risks alienating its employees, and ultimately decreasing productivity, losing talent or both. Maximising efficiency of space So how do we go about creating a better workspace? It starts with considering how to make everything more efficient. More efficient tech, more efficient space, more efficient people. A win-win solution for the business and employee would be if building designers and technology companies collaborated on the designing of new, or redevelopment of, existing buildings. Working together to create a digital plan of each space, as well as the kind of structural, technical plans traditionally drawn up by those in the industry, could increase the chances of these spaces meeting the needs of its occupants. This could be as simple as re-arranging the furniture to give teams more of a chance to interact, with screens, docking stations and charge points to keep people productive with whatever device they are carrying. WE HAVE TO CONSIDER HOW THE WORKPLACE CAN BECOME BETTER EQUIPPED TO MEET OUR DAILY EXPECTATIONS. removes the unnecessary task of repeated logins, which over the course of days, weeks and years is an enormous time saver. Better connection, improved communication From here, we can start to push the boundaries using IoT. Controlling the heating of a room to your liking using your smartphone, or turning on the coffee machine remotely, are just two examples of a quicker, more personal working environment using technology. This is not only possible, but pretty affordable. And if you want to control a broader range of equipment, we are also seeing plug in multi-sensors entering the market, which use machine learning to identify the signals being sent by any number of electronic devices. Very quickly, you could be setting up an office with hundreds of devices interlinked, allowing you to better understand how those devices are being used, and create new offerings for your employees. It might sound futuristic, but steps like this are relatively simple and I think, near-term. As a supplier of business connectivity, our energies are focused on managing, and securing, the explosion of traffic that will come from the digital workplace. For you, the business owner, and the employee, your task is to remove barriers to mobile-f Y[Hܚ[[ܘYX[HܙX]BH[وX\ Y][[\ۛY[][HX[H[ܚ[H[\Y\HY\[Y][[^\Y[\YH]\ܙX]H8&X\8&BܚX\H[Hܚ\H[[˜HXHXܘ]H[ܙH8$[[\[YHZ[[X\[ۛX[ۜ[[ܙH[YH][H؈ۙKHX]ܛHš[\ݙHX]]B]\\Yۈ[XK]8&\[[YH˜Y\HXH][]B\H[\ܚٛܘK\]H܈H؛\\[ˈHX\ٙXH\˜X]][H\XY X\HX\K[XXH[\KQBۛX[ۈ\\[X[܈[؈\˜[[\Y\\XX[H܈H˜\HٙXKX\Y܈ܚ[[[[K]YH]\HܚXH\\ۛXY ]X\ ][XYH]X[ܙB\ۘ[\Y܈Hܚ\\H] ][\\ܙY[X[]\HXۚ\YXܛ[H][ۈ܈]XK܈^[\K SSQSS“[ܝ[[[KSQPBXH\Y[]\XKH]]X\[\\B\[B˚[[Y[[˘