Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 82

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Green Technology QUANTUM COMPUTING HOLDS THE PROMISE OF SOLVING SOME OF OUR PLANET’S GREATEST CHALLENGES THAT TODAY’S COMPUTERS ARE UNABLE TO SOLVE,” Working with Microsoft, the Quantum Development Kit toolset and Azure quantum-inspired services, DEWA will be able to program and test quantum algorithms, then apply those quantum solutions within the existing Azure platform to achieve real- world impacts even before the development of a general-purpose quantum computer. Solar Carport Project Meanwhile, DEWA has commissioned the 2MWp Solar Carport Project, at its headquarters and at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) building. DEWA launched the project last year as part of the Shams Dubai initiative, to increase reliance on clean energy, support the Smart Dubai initiative and achieve its vision of becoming a sustainable innovative world- class utility. This project covers a total of 885 parking spaces in the two locations, using 6,700 locally manufactured solar modules, spanning an area of 13,200 square metres with a total production capacity of 2,000 kW. This is equivalent to a reduction of about 1,500 tons of carbon emissions annually. 2020, 25% by 2030 and 75% by 2050,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA. “Through this project, we intend to enhance the happiness of our stakeholders, promote the concept of green and sustainable buildings, and instil a sustainable culture of energy consumption. “We also aim to reduce the reliance on traditional energy sources, by helping Dubai’s Governmental entities meet the target set by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy to cut 20% of energy consumption in all government buildings by 2020. This is aligned with the UAE Vision 2021 to create a sustain ٥ɽаѡ)ՉAāѼՉ͵)хݥѠѡ䁅)х٥ɽх̻t+qQMȁ ЁɽЁ]e)Յѕ́Ё5= ́Ё)́ѼɅѡՉѼ)ɽ]éḾՉѥѥٔQ́QȁхѕѡЁѡḾՉ)ѥѥٔչ]ԁ)ٕՍ͙հQѥѥٔɅ)ݹ́Ѽхѽٽхͽ)ɽЁ́ѡMЁՉѥѥٔ)չ! M5)I͡5ѽմYAɕͥЁAɥ)5ѕȁѡUIձȁՉѼ)Չѡ͵ѕЁЁ)ѡݽɱ%Ёͼٕ́ѡѥٕ)ѡՉ ɝMɅѕѼ)ՉՈȁɝ)ɕ䁉ɽ٥ܔ)ѽхɝ䁙ɽɝͽɍ́ѕ́ѡɽѽ́ѡȁե́)ЁѡѼ]éݽɬ)Q́ݽɬݥͼɽ٥]ݥѠ)͕́ɅѥѼͥ5ɽͽӊe)ՅմѕȁЁ́م+qEՅմѥ́ѡɽ͔)ͽ٥ͽȁӊéɕѕ)́ѡЁѽéѕ́ɔչ)ѼͽٔtͅQ! ɅєY)AɕͥЁ5ɽͽЁEՅմ+q%مѥٔѹ́Ս́])չхѡ́ѥɱ)ЁѼեѡȁՅմݱ)ͭ́ЁѼɕєєͽѥ)ѡЁѽ今t)]ݥͼݽɬݥѠ5ɽͽЁѼ)ٕՅմɅѕ䰁Ց)չхݡɔՅմ)ѥͅѥѡ́)ɕѕЁЁՉѠͥ)ѕ́ѡɔ5ɽͽӊe)Յմѕȸ)5ɔɵѥչ)ܹɽͽй̽Յմ()%9Q11%9Q %<)Qɽ՝ḾՉѽхİ)ե́ٔѕѼ]e)ݽɬݥѠѽх䁽5\)ѥɕՕ́ɔѡ̸)5\丁]́ͼݽɭѼ)ɕ͔ѡ́յȁѼɕե́)Չ)ܹѕэ