Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 80

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Enterprise Security • New task-oriented security workspace: Designed with optimisation and situational awareness in mind, allowing administrators to clearly see their security posture and complete tasks with 50% fewer clicks. The new security workspace integrates defences across devices, operating systems, McAfee products and third-party technologies to visualise threats and immediately pivot into action • Private ePO deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS): Eliminates the need for a separate database and physical assets, while providing customised control of the management infrastructure and configuration data. An ePO AWS Quick Start enables organisations to be up and running in less than one hour McAfee MVISION Endpoint “Simplifying the management aspect of my security solutions is exactly what we need and McAfee is delivering just that,” said Philippe Maquoi, Head of the SPW Endpoint and Se \X\]HX[K\XBXXH[ۚYK8']]U[XT™\[[ۜ܈TH[œ[[ܙH[YHۈXX[X\]H\Y\œ]\[][ۈXZ[[[K'HXYYHUTSӈ[ؚ[HݚY\\X[]H[X]Y[H܈S˜[[Y]X\[\H^H\BYYX\Y\ZH[H\]XKXYYHUTSӈ[ؚ[HݚY\[^\BۈX[ۈX]\H]XH\˜ۛXY H[[\[]X][ۜ™]XHZ][\XYYHUTSӈ[ؚ[BXZ\]\Z[][ۜX][X]ܜق SSQSS“XYYHUTSӈ[[X[Y\˜[^[H]]HX\]HZ[[•[ L[]\HY\X]BY[H]\Yܝ[\\X\ۈHX\]^K][\[˜HYZYY[ XYYHUTSӂ[[\[Y[H[ LZ[ Z[X\]H]XYX[H[YYۘ]\[\Y[YX]X[ۜ˂\\]]H\X\X[YYYXYYHUTSӈTY[YZ[\X]Y[[\[[KX\Y]X]]H\^]Hق][\HX[Y[Y[\[\˂XYYHUTSӈ[ؚ[BTQB\Z\HX\][HY[YHY[Y]XK\X][ۈ[]ܚX\Y]Xˈ\X[]H[۝و[ؚ[B\]\H[YYYYXYYBUTSӈTݚYHH[HۜH›X[YHX\]HXܛ]X\ˈPQQHUTSӂQTT•HQQ‘ԈPTUBUUPUSӈSSTQPUSӂPԓPQQHST TTB˂˚[[Y[[˘