Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 77

INTELLIGENT INTELLIGENT BRANDS BRANDS // Data // Centres Cabling Infoblox enables rapid automation of core network services for data centres ///////////////////////////// I nfoblox Inc, the network control company that provides Actionable Network Intelligence, has announced new updates to its Network Identity Operating System (NIOS) platform enabling organisations to automate core services and data centres such as Red Hat Ansible in order to rapidly deploy network and security services via the cloud. Connecting your on-premise NIOS based solutions with Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud, a SaaS based DNS security solution, extends protection against the loss of data or the spread of malware for devices everywhere. This native integration eliminates the need for endpoint agents or separate virtual machines to integrate with Infoblox cloud security services, making it a seamless solution. Organisations can now take advantage of a hybrid solution for DNS security that: • Leverages on-premises data for easy identification of end hosts associated with security incidents detected in the cloud • Utilises network context data for better prioritisation and faster threat remediation • Enables a unified and complete lifecycle view of device activity both on premise and roaming Kanaiya Vasani, vice president of SaaS and Business Development at Infoblox, said: “As more organisations look to the cloud to achieve operational efficiency and scale, Infoblox is connecting its network platform for core services directly to the cloud. With these latest enhancements, Infoblox is offering a true hybrid model for security, without having to deploy proxies everywhere or use endpoint agents. The enhancements enable faster response to incidents detected by ActiveTrust Cloud, through on-premises ecosystem integrations for network wide remediation.” To connect enterprise devices, applications and services, organisations rely on a range of core network services. These include Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), IP Address Management (IPAM), Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). Disruptions to these essential services, in the era of the Digital Transformation, can carry significant consequences, including losses in productivity, customers, sales and revenue. If these services are inadequately secured, the compan WGv&BFF&RB&6g&7&W'F&VG2wwrFVƖvVF66Фf6f6R&W6FVB`62B'W6W70FWfVVB@f&FFFǒf"&v6F2FB&RfW7Fr6VB@V'&6rFF6VG&RWFF&VBB6&RWFFখ6VFW2f&2GVW2FBVV&R7W7FW'2FWFFRFFFv&fw2BvVVB&6W76W26RWFFVB&v6F26W6Rf&WFF0f6&RFvW"f"&w&F2WV7WFVFFr@"66VGVƖrFR6&RFVw&FWFFW20F֖7G&FfRF62VrF6fRFRBWvR6VrF&VGV6RW'&'2vr7G2f'GV6W2dҐBFR766FVBWGv&g&7G'V7GW&R&V6W2&RVff6VBVffV7FfRB&WVF&R( FR6&RGVW2f"f&V&R6&RW6W'2FgVǐWFFRFR&WVW7B76vVBB&VV6RbFG&W76W0B&VFVBFWF2ff&2vV2vRD5BD06fwW&F2&w&F6ǒ( 6BW7FVW'2vVW&vW"b6&RB&VBB( BF֖7G&F"6W6R6&R&F&RV6ǐWFFRF֖7G&FfRF62FBv6fRFRBWvP6&VGV6rVW'&'2WFFr7G2d2B6&PWGv&6W'f6W22&WV&VVBFRFW&v&Bb6VBЦV&VB&v6F2Bf"F6RG&6f&֖rG&FFFF6VG&RvVVB( औDTĔtTD4sp