Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 74

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Cloud Aruba SD-Branch Solution branch locations with fewer staff while leveraging a consistent approach for security and compliance across locations. By integrating and centralising management while eliminating costly MPLS connectivity, customers can realise savings up to 75% as compared to traditional deployments. Aruba Central with new SD-WAN support has been enhanced to provide automated configuration capabilities, granular visibility and easy-to-use troubleshooting tools. Aruba’s Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and intuitive mobile app for automated device onboarding, provides non-technical staff at the branch with a plug-and-play experience that eliminates the need for manual onsite configuration and costly, time-consuming truck rolls. As it continues to expand its global presence, high-end, luxury retailer Vera Wang is an organisation that is facing this challenge as it scales its operations. “We need to get stores up and running quickly, and maximise our WAN availability and efficiency,” said Stewart Ebrat, CIO for Vera Wang. “Aruba’s SD-WAN solution removes the burden of building out a distributed infrastructure.” THIS PURPOSE- BUILT, UNIFIED SOLUTION MARKS A SIGNIFICANT ADVANCEMENT BEYOND PURE- PLAY SD-WAN OFFERINGS. enforcement across the LAN and WAN. Aruba ClearPass policy manager simplifies and automates how policies are applied across different layers of network and application access removing the need for time consuming manual configurations. Integrated, best-in-class security and new cloud UTM partnerships “I’m excited about Aruba’s edge-to-cloud vision and integrating SD-WAN functionality. This will help us solve our performance and deployment problems at a fraction of the cost,” added Corey Hasberry, IT Manager for Vera Wang. “Aruba’s role-based security for our Wi-Fi and WAN infrastructure will help us bring a consistent experience to our employees and customers.” The rise in mobility, IoT devices and cloud-based applications in the branch requires an automated and comprehensive way of approaching security. Aruba is uniquely positioned to provide user and device context for consistent role-based Additionally, all network traffic within a branch can be forwarded to the Aruba Branch Gateway for deep packet inspection using the built-in stateful firewall. IT organisations can easily assign policies for specific device types to segment their 74 INTELLIGENTCIO traffic up to the application layer. In a retail environment, this easily helps limit the malicious use of in-store security cameras or designate where a Point of Sale (PoS) device can send traffic. To solve security vulnerabilities outside the branch perimeter, Aruba has expanded its Aruba 360 security exchange technology partner programme with the addition of Zscaler and new integrations with Check Point Software Technologies and Palo Alto Networks. These ecosystem partners provide cloud-based firewall functionality and unified threat management to secure organisations’ sensitive traffic heading for public Internet- bound destinations. Optimised branch experience: New Aruba Branch Gateway delivers WAN insights and control Providing improved user experiences starts with delivering unmatched reliability. According to Gartner, a network outage can be more than an inconvenience, and evidence shows that these can cost anywhere from US$1,000 to US$1 million per incident in lost productivity or revenue, depending on location and enterprise use case. By leveraging context to gain insight into the health of the customers’ entire distributed branch network, wired, wireless and WAN, IT organisations can dynamically optimise the user experience in real-time before any impact to the business occurs. Embedded in the new Branch Gateway, Aruba’s unique context-awareness capabilities go beyond granular role-based network access and application security to deliver unmatched Quality of Service (QoS) experience from the LAN to the WAN. This allows IT professionals to satisfy the needs of end-users while simplifying IT operations. Additional Branch Gateway features such as pol 䵉͕ɽѥ幅Ѡ)͕ѥ܁ٕɅѡ́ѕՅ)ф݅ɕ́Ѽ幅ɽє)Ʌɽ́ѡ]8͕͕Ȱ٥)ȁɽѥȁᅵɕх)ɝͅѥ́ͥɥɥѥ͔ALѕ)٥Ʌٕ́ՕЁɅݡ)ѕ́ɥɥѥ͔ٽɅȁ役)ٽٕݥѠѽȁ͕٥)ܹѕэ