Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 69

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Cabling POWERED BY Powering the intelligent building revolution ///////////////////////////// Siemon is helping enterprises equip themselves for the revolution in intelligent buildings. S iemon, a global network infrastructure expert, has created a new video to demonstrate how plug terminated link technology speeds up the deployment of IP- based and PoE-enabled devices in intelligent buildings, while cutting costs and increasing security and performance. Using high-end graphics, the new video takes the viewer on a virtual tour through an intelligent building to illustrate how more and more building devices are connected to the intelligent building cabling infrastructure, traditionally via work area outlets and double ended patch cords. By delivering a close-up view behind the walls and ceilings, the video goes on to demonstrate how IP and PoE-enabled devices including PoE lighting, security cameras, wireless access points and building automation controls can be deployed much more rapidly using plug-terminated links. Plug terminated link technology enables high performance links to connect directly to end devices making network boxes, outlets and patch cords obsolete, saving on material and labour costs. These links can be terminated on site to enable custom-length direct connections to these devices. Further benefits including improved performance and more efficient power delivery to end devices, as well as improved security for devices like surveillance cameras, due to the elimination of outlets and patch cords, are also explained. Also showcased in the video is Siemon’s new Z-PLUG field-terminated plug which offers an innovative approach to connecting IP-enabled IoT and smart building devices. Z-PLUG was developed specifically to deliver custom-length cables that can be terminated on site for quick direct connections to PoE LED lights, security cameras, wireless access points, digital displays, distributed antenna systems (DAS), building automation controls and more. Advanced design features including rounded corners, the short plug body and the ability to be terminated without the boot make Z-PLUG ideal for connecting devices with shallow spaces like cameras and access points. The video uses animation and a step- by-step guide to clearly demonstrate Prem Rodrigues, of Siemon, says: “There is a real revolution going on in today’s intelligent buildings” how Z-PLUG can be terminated in the field quickly and reliably using shielded, unshielded, solid or stranded cables and Siemon’s Z-PLUG termination tool that ensures repeatable per f&6R( FW&R2&V&WfWFvrFF( 2FVƖvVB'VFw2BvRfVBF@6'BfFV2w&VBvFFV7G&FPrFRח&Bb&6VBBRЦV&VBFWf6W26&R6V7FVBFFP'VFrWGv&V6&R&FǞ( 6@&V&G&wVW26V( 2F&V7F"f"֖FFPV7BFB4$2B6V( W"WrTrfVBFW&֖FVBVpv6W6VVG26FVv'dW&f&6P&WV&VVG2B7W'G2Gf6VBvW fW"WFW&WB2&VVFW6vVBFV6ǐf6ƗFFR7W7FVwFF&V7B6V7F0FFW6RFWf6W2BF2fFV6w26V&ǐrTr6WfW2FB( ХFfWrFRfFVBf"&Rf&F&WB6V( 2Trf6Bwwr6V6VrऔDTĔtTD4c