Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 60

FEATURE: GITEX 2018 The potential of smart roads The Internet of Things has connected a multitude of mundane objects but perhaps its most exciting use concerns road systems. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Management. VR was first introduced in a paediatric setting for the purposes of reducing pain during procedures that require a calm demeanour by providing a distraction for children’s eyes and minds and away THE EVENT PROVIDES THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO SHOWCASE, CONNECT AND DISCUSS SOLUTIONS. The smart platform enables guests to pay for their activities and amenities in an efficient, secure and effortless manner. The platform also uses smart contracts that allow the hotel to pre-define guests’ terms and refund conditions. Liquid D founder Jawad Riachi said: “We’re proud to be able to integrate our blockchain- based smart settlement platform Lucid Pay into a world-class brand such as Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. We have focused on ensuring the product is easy to use, with a convenient learning process.” Roads are currently expensive to maintain and can’t do much besides allowing above-ground transportation. However, a Kansas City tech start-up called Integrated Roadways is trying to change that. Its ‘smart pavement’ vision promises to make roadways safer by imbuing the road itself with smart technology. Before too long it might be possible to get the road itself to call an ambulance for you in the aftermath of an accident. Robotic initiatives Robots are expected to turn into one of the most sought after technologies to become a US$500 billion industry by 2025 globally. GITEX 2018 will feature a series of world- first initiatives that could be ready to spark a whole new automation movement. Attending the event will be: • Softbank Robotics: A programmable robot company making humanoids accessible for businesses • Kuka and DigiRobotics: DigiRobotics is the only official KUKA system partner in MENA at the front of the Industry 4.0 race • UBTECH: Leading developer of humanoid robots for education and entertainment • Amro Kamel Group: Exclusive distributor of AMY Robotics, Cerevo Technologies and Robot Security System Utilising Virtual Reality Virtual Reality (VR), often associated with Gaming, is finding a new purpose in an unexpected place: Pediatric Pain 60 INTELLIGENTCIO from the procedure. The key is to create stimulating games that are appropriate for every age group, and no children who have experienced the VR treatment have reported discomfort. A bright future is predicted for VR especially in the treatment of children for acute and chronic pain management and anxiety and stress minimisation. Blockchain integration Undoubtedly, Blockchain will be one of the hot topics visitors to GITEX will be discussing and it’s no surprise with the excitement it’s generating in the industry. For instance, Lucid Pay, a smart settlement platform, has integrated Blockchain technology into the systems of the Atlantis, The Palm, claiming to make it a first for hotels worldwide. The cashless-based solution eliminates disputes and fraud, while providing automated loyalty programmes and speedy executions, which hotels can take advantage of. Helen Woodard, Director of Finance at Atlantis The Palm Dubai, added: “From an operator perspective, time is money and innovation, as well as efficiency, are key. Hence, the implementation of the cashless payment system increases the convenience for us as cash is no longer physically handled, audit time is spent more effectively, and greater security is guaranteed.” The new venture is timely with the announcement of the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, where at least half of the country’s federal transactions would be powered by Blockchain technology by 2021. n