Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 46

FEATURE: ANALYTICS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// obligations under several security standards and regulations including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and GDPR. Peter Lefkowitz, Chief Privacy and Digital Risk Officer, Citrix Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalous behaviour and potential threats, Citrix is now able “Companies must focus on knowing where their data is [and] who has access to it and implementing appropriate technical and organisational security controls,” said Peter Lefkowitz, Chief Privacy and Digital Risk Officer, Citrix. “The Citrix Analytics service helps our customers design security into their systems and monitor the security of their data on an ongoing basis.” In a closed-loop system, the service uses data about application and document access, device usage and network traffic to build unique and comprehensive THE KEY LIES IN BEING ABLE TO USE INSIGHTS EFFECTIVELY, TO GUIDE CHANGE OR IDENTIFY NEW REVENUE STREAMS. to deliver actionable intelligence from the information gathered via its cloud services and on-premises products to help customers proactively identify and manage internal and external threats. Citrix Analytics enables customers to adopt a risk-based security model, allowing them to dynamically balance the needs of users to have rapid access to data with IT’s need to secure and govern the environment. This new service securely aggregates and correlates user interaction with applications, devices, networks and data across Citrix’s suite of products and cloud services to help detect and prevent malicious activity and data exfiltration. With an end-to-end view of the location of and access to data, Citrix Analytics also allows organisations to monitor and manage data movement across endpoints, the data centre, mobile, hybrid and multi-clouds. This visibility into data logging and access requests helps customers understand data flows to meet their security and oversight 46 INTELLIGENTCIO Pure Storage is helping customers make the most of data with products such as FlashStack with FlashBlade visibility into user and entity or ‘thing’ behaviour, enabling context-based security controls. The behavioural insights this se ٥)ٕٕ́́ɝͅѥ́ɽѥٔ)݅ѼѽȰѕЁ)٥́ѡЁͥѡɴ)Ցѥѥ͡)Ʌͽ݅ɔх̸)Mх Mɥ䁅)%ɵѥ=Ȱ ɥఁͅ胊q ɥ)́ѽ́Ѽɍ)ѕ͕ɥ䁑ͥѼ)ѽ́݅䁙ɽ)ѥ́фݡɕٕȁѡ䁅ɔ)Q ɥѥ͕́٥͕́5)1ɹ$Ѽٔѽ)չՔͥЁѼѡȁɝͅѥ)Ցݡɔѡȁф́ݥѡѡ)٥ɽЁݡ́她Ѽ)ЁЁѥ̸ ѽ͔́ѡ)ͥЁѼɽѥٕ䁑)х́́٥ȁѼ)ɽѕЁЁфᙥɅѥt)ɽ! Ր5)9ѠM@))́ѡ5ЁɅѕ)́х䁅ѕ)ѡѕȵѕ%ѕɹЁ)Q́Ʉфѥ́́Ʌ䁵٥)Ёaѡ܁dѼѡ)ٕ䁽ɝͅѥéх)QɅ͙ɵѥ́ѥ̰ͥ)䰁Ʌѥх)̸ͥ́)IչѡՐ́٥хȁх)ͥ́Ս̰M@́ѥ)ܹѕэ