Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 39

A PUBLICATION Supporting CIO publication Providing Unparalleled Technology Intelligence ISSUE 34 // Global Cooling Partner Intelligent Education Partner Intelligent Data Security Partner Intelligent Supporting Partner Intelligent POE Partner Intelligent Manufacturing Partner Intelligent Energy Partner Intelligent Cabling Partner Intelligent Phishing Partner Streaming success How live streaming can provide a boost to your business and discover the pitfalls Staying ‘always on’ Prevent downtime when employees are on vacation Digital ASSETS Using data to make a success of Digital Transformation When deception is good . . . Saudi Ministry leverages Deception Technology solution to ensure early detection of threats and flush out bad actors. IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS | LATEST INTELLIGENCE | REGIONAL IMPLEMENTATIONS EDITOR’S NOTE W elcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO Middle East. This issue’s Industry Watch takes an in-depth look at how broadcasting has changed over recent years. Not so long ago, broadcasting was the preserve of specialist media organisations but now enterprises are realising the potential of promoting their businesses by live streaming content of their choosing. The live streaming of quality content is a great way to drive online engagement with your customer base. Of course, there are pitfalls to avoid and we asked Ian Munford, Director of Product Marketing, Akamai, to outline some of these. We find out what would be a good starting point for businesses to look at getting into live streaming and how important the issue of quality should be for those enterprises considering streaming their own content. Munford tells us that viewers now expect nothing short of a TV experience when they view content delivered over the Internet. are off on holiday. Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Middle East and Central Africa at Veeam Software, gives us some top tips for ensuring businesses stay ‘always on’ during these periods. They include less reliance on traditional backup, factoring the right data protection, exploring alternative staffing and avoiding the burnout from storage maintenance. To find out more, turn to page 102. “Businesses must be equipped to deliver digital services, ensure business continuity and reduce risk while managing customer expectations,” he says. This edition also looks at how enterprises can use data analytics to drive themselves forward, starting on page 44. It’s not that long ago that most companies could not see the value in the data they acquired but as time has progressed the term ‘digital oil’ was coined as its potential for business growth was recognised. “The key lies in being able to use insights effectively, to guide change or identify new revenue streams.” In the run-up to GITEX we take an early look at this year’s event. For the last 38 years, the most renowned names in technology have come alive at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, and this year should prove no exception. If you’re heading to the event, be sure to check out our October issue where we will take an in-depth look at what promises to be an undoubted highlight of the year. But for now we hope you enjoy the read! We speak to a number of experts about how businesses can use data to increase profits. “Good and relevant content will always be the most important factor for capturing audience share,” he says, “but streaming quality follows very quickly after that.” We hear how the simple act of acquisition will not necessarily lead to a successful Digital Transformation process without the ability to create effective insights that can result in increased profitability and the creation of new streams of revenue. Elsewhere, in Final Word we look at how businesses in the Middle East can best deal with preventing downtime when employees In fact, Terri Hiskey, Vice President, Global Product Marketing for Manufacturing at Epicor Software Corp, tells us: “Businesses today are collecting more data than ever, but simply amassing vast amounts of information as a result of Digital Transformation, is not enough. INTELLIGENTCIO 39