Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 20

LATEST INTELLIGENCE SMART BUILDING CONNECTIVITY POWERING THE PRESENT – EMPOWERING THE FUTURE I n response to changing business needs, enterprise spaces are evolving faster than ever. The secure, fast and dependable flow of information – in all its forms and for all its purposes – has become critical to commercial enterprises. PRESENTED BY Download whitepaper here Successful enterprise spaces are under pressure to provide the infrastructure needed to support advanced connectivity. This infrastructure must support the latest generation of wired and wireless technology, not only for employees, customers, visitors and partners, but also for the vast array of IP-connected devices proliferating across modern enterprises. The ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) offers enterprises new ways to help employees work more efficiently, achieve sustainability goals and attract the best talent to their teams – if those enterprises are willing to put the requisite cabling infrastructure in place. In this regard, the most successful enterprises 20 INTELLIGENTCIO will be those that take an integrated approach to planning and deploying their IT infrastructure. Connectivity is redefining the places we work, shop and play technology has proven to be a transformative and liberating force in shaping the modern workspace, opening the door for more efficient, adaptive and productive practices like remote working, hot-desking and hoteling, which do not tie individual contributors to specific locations or floorspace requirements, but do increase the need for universal connectivity, particularly wireless connectivity. Technology has likewise transformed the retail side of the enterprise, as guests may check in or receive relevant coupons or promotions with a mobile device at a hotel, movie theatre, salon or other destination, allowing the retailer to offer a more customised, more ubiquitous relationship in the course of doing business. In non-retail public places like hospitals, airports, stadiums and the like, total connectivity