Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 104

FINAL WORD “ THE COST OF MANAGING, SECURING AND PROTECTING DATA IS BECOMING MORE SIGNIFICANT. Businesses need to be more proactive in how they address the information that’s available to them, create a competitive advantage and ultimately drive revenue. To address this, businesses must achieve hyper-availability, where always-on data automatically anticipates the needs and meets demands across multiple infrastructures – virtual, physical, cloud – while remaining protected, and ensuring compliance. FACTOR IN THE RIGHT DATA PROTECTION Data management and protection is essential if businesses are to not only survive, but to drive the Digital Transformation and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Over the last few years, there have been data centre outages and increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks, which could have had irreparable consequences to not only brand reputation but also data and financial loss. Hospitals store critical patient data, which if a victim of malware could result in cancelling life-saving operations while banks have access to sensitive personal data, which if not appropriately protected could result in serious financial theft. Today, businesses must re-evaluate their data management strategy and take a holistic and a more proactive approach to data management. One that is on the right infrastructure, always protected, ready to work, in the right place, at the right time while meeting regulations, such as GDPR. EXPLORE A DU$DdR5Dddpv2'W6W76W2F( B7F6W0F&vWG27FW7BB7W7FW'2fP&WV&VVG2FBVVBF&RWBGW&rFR7VW"W&B'W6W76W06VB66FW"&R6Fr7FfbF6fW 6W'F&W2B&W76&ƗFW2bFW VVRGW&rFV"ƖFFBǐG&fRV&rBFWfVVBFFfW2'WB6FG&W72FVF62vFR66֖&ǒ6W'FGW7G&W2V6W&vRB'F7V&ǒ&WFV7W&RB7FƗGvFR6V6B'BFRv&W'2FVVWBFRv2FVG2GW&pVW&G2vRF2FG&W76W2FRVFFR'W6W70VVG266FW&FVVG2F&RvfVFvBFFVVW2fR66W72F@6VFR66V6&VvvW"f"֖FFPV7BB6VG&g&6BfVV6gGv&PvB&6W76W2&R6RF֗FvFRFP&66VB'F6RvFWF&6VBFF66W72vfR&BFVF2गB2BVVvFFW&RFVv6F7V62tE"FBf7W6W2vBFF'W6W76W2fR66W72FBrFWW6RBbFWF( BG&FvFFR֖7&WfVBvBFfGV26VBFvFFPf&RFFdBDR%U$UBe$ХE$DDDD@5D$tRDT4PFRvRbFRW"f&RVFW'&6R'W6W76W2W7BWffRg&Ɩ7G&fV&6F&VfW"G&fV7G&FVwFFVVG2F&V6RFVƖvVBB6VbЦvrF&fRFR&W76fVW726V7W&GB'W6W72fVRbFF@FV2&R&W76&Rf"FRf&ƗG`FRFFB&ƗGf"FR&v6FFfFR&W7BF&WG6RVVG2@FVƗfW"WrFvF6W'f6W2'frF&R&7FfRFR`WFFB&6W7G&F'W6W76W06&W72FRfVRbG2FFF&WGFW FBBF6FRFRVVG2bFPv27W7FW"'&VGV6rFR67@BFRFRBFV2F7VBvrB7F&rFFFRFV6f7W2G&frFRFvFG&6f&FbFR'W6W72@DTĔtTD4wwrFVƖvVF66