Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 34 - Page 100

GET TO KNOW firm in the same pre- sales consultancy role. At the time, I thought it was important to build up experience before advancing into leadership. What do you think is the current hot technology talking point? The KSA is at the global forefront of adopting and leveraging breakthrough technologies to foster nationwide Digital Transformation, youth job creation and economic competitiveness. Digital Transformation will fuel Saudi Vision 2030 goals and support new digital business models and new levels of customer and citizen experiences, especially in Smart Cities such as NEOM. Supporting Saudi Vision 2030, we recently launched our public cloud data centre and our training and development institute is continuing to support Saudi young talent, start-ups and entrepreneurs. How do you deal with stress and unwind outside the office? Being a managing director requires a strong dedication and commitment to supporting our customers at any time, from any location and on any mobile device. This requires a personality that is calm and thoughtful and can rapidly respond to challenges, embrace change and proactively find solutions to customer requests. Outside of the office, I try to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. We like to slow down on the weekend and our favourite past times are having good conversations and playing sports. If you could go back and change one career decision what would it be? Early in my career, I was a pre-sales consultant and was offered the chance to move from consulting to becoming a business owner, shifting roles to business and sales. I declined and moved to my next 100 INTELLIGENTCIO While I have no regrets on my career path, in retrospect, I believe that it’s important to take chances when you’re young. If you’re offered a position that seems beyond your reach, you should seize the opportunity and can learn on the job as you advance. Careers are no longer straightforward and it can be worthwhile to follow your own path. What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment in your industry? Multinational IT companies such as SAP organisations and Saudi organisations across all sizes and industries are heavily investing in breakthrough technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. In KSA, SAP is seeing strong interest in the SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation Platform, the recently- launched C/4HANA customer relationship management and 6WF2'VrFP4V'FF&6RB42D&VFR'W6W727VFRvB&RFR&Vv7V6f06VvW2vVVVFrWpFV6vW2FR֖FFRV7CVƖRVW&vr&WG2FR4@FR&&wVbfRrFRv&N( 0( TR4T@drDT tD $RUpE$27BGf6VBFV6wg&7G'V7GW&R7G&rFV6w7VBB42vFfFfR֖G6WG2आvWfW"vRFf6RV&W"b6VvW0VVFrWrFV6vW2vfW&VB&VwVF2B7FF&G2f WR6'B6FW2&RGf6rB&B6RFR&Vvf6W2"B62vW7V6ǒ&FǒfrfVB7V60FV6w4( 2G&rBFWfVV@7FGWFR2f7FW&r'FW'62&WGvVVFPV&Ɩ2&fFRB6FV֖26V7F'2FV66RF2vBG&6VFVrFVBvB6vW2FW""&RfPR6VVFR7BV"BrFR6VRFW6RFWfVrFRW@"F3fW"FR7BV"fRFR G&6Ffr&Vv֖FFRV7@Bg&6&RFr&Vrf7W6VB6Vǐ4FRvF2RbFR&vW7@6VG&W2FR&VvFW&2bVFfFBV6֖27G&VwF2vrF&V7F"f"46VF&&fRFR'GVGF6'Vגf7W0r&W7BFVWBFRVVG2b7&VFpG&6f&FfR7W7FW"WW&V6W2खFRWB"F2vRvgW'FW 7W'BBvWB66W"FW"7W7FW'0FFr6VB&6VBFvF'W6W70FV2B6FVRFV&RFR6VFvfW&VBFVWBG26VFf6#3v2vRv6FVRFf7FW"VrFV@FWfVVBvR&RG&rB6W'Fgp&RFg&W6w&GVFW2WfW'V"V6rW"6V'FW"V677FVЦBGf6rW"fW"זV"4##R֖ƖখfW7FVBf"FRvFvBGf6RvVBRffW 6V&G7&rF'F2WfV6FW"GW7G'f"6VR7&rF&V6R27VFP6FFRBfVBFW&R2BP7FF&B6&VW"FN( 2'FBF'V@WvFR&vRbWW&V6RvWFW"6W267VF7f6R"FR6FV֖06V7F'2VR6VBfrFV"vF"&RWrG&2B&VWFVF2@VvW"FV&6WFrWrWfW'FwwrFVƖvVF66