Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 81

INDUSTRY WATCH student and faculty, and enhance the educational and alumni experience. For a newer university such as MODUL, digital marketing and social media analytics have been the game-changer to easily target and attract the best talent, and connect them with our expanding partner ecosystem,” said Zaid Maleh, CEO of DACH Advisory and Managing Partner of MODUL University Dubai. alfanar, Sharjah Cooperative Society, and Virgin Megastore won awards for driving digital marketing innovation at the SAP Hybris Customer Engagement Symposium. (Left to right) Paulo Carvalho, Vice President of Customer Engagement and E-Commerce for SAP Hybris in South Europe, Middle East, and Africa; Moustafa Zedan, Sales Account Head, alfanar IT; Jamees Khan, Manager of the SAP Center of Excellence for Group IT at alfanar; Abdulla Al Hooti, Head of Technical Support, Sharjah Cooperative Society; Eloise Henry, E-Commerce Website Manager, Virgin Megastore MENA; Abdallah Saqqa, Head of Hybris – Cloud Customer Engagement and Commerce – MENA Sam Alkharrat, Global Chief Operating Officer for SAP Hybris, says Middle East marketers are driving customer experience innovation e-commerce for its 3,000 wholesalers, reducing servicing time by 40% and increasing customer satisfaction. SAP Hybris solutions enable organisatio \YH[ٛܛBXܛ[[[[[[H]\Z\\Y\[[]\[˜HܙX]^\Y[H]]\HXZ[X[ ]TX\][ۜXܛ˜[Y\KX\][][YK[\[\XKS[][\^]K[Z\H[YH[]BHX[ ][YH[YXZH[ܛYY\[\X\[ۜ˂'X[ ][YH\Y\[Y]HY[B[YKX[\܈[[\&\\[\[\Y\ˈH[[XXX[]X][[H[\Y\YX][ۜ]HܙX]\[Yۈ\\\H[[[X[Y[Y[ [[]\YXX[X[ 8'HZYYYZ[[ZY XH\Y[وX\][[[\[[\[XX[]\[ۋ8'ZYHX\X\]\[\\\BX[\H[YX[[ٝ[[]\[\Y\^\Y[KX[[X[[[Y\B]Y][X\][[\\XB[][YHX[Y[Y[\ۙ\H^\Kܙ[\][ۜ[\]BYX][HHYY][Z\\Y\YY[H[ؚ[K\ۘ[\Y[[[Y[[\X[ۋ[]\K[][YK[][HX[[Z\\^K8'HZY[H[\] ؘ[YY\][ٙX\܈TX\˂X\]\YܙYHX[YYXH\][ Z]HHPQH\Hܛ8&\Y\X[YYXB[]][ۈ[H[Hو]YB\XXH\Hܛ8&\\\ Yܛ[œX[YYXH\\ˈ][Y\^YX]\YXX[[[Y[KXX[HX\[Z[[H[\]ق[[[ٛܛHH\Y\^\Y[K[^\Y[Y\\™HHTX\X˂SS[]\]HXZH\\YY][X\][][ۜ[ٛܛBHY[[X[H^\Y[KSS[]\]H\[[Yܘ]HTX\[]™YX][ۘ[\X[[K8'TX\[]\[[ݘ]]B[[Yܘ]Y[[ ^XK[[XH۝ٙXHZ]K\[”TX\X\]\Y][ٙX\[[\XY\[]HH[YB͌ YYܙYHXY]وZ\\Y\[\]H܈Z\\[\[B[]\[H[\]YH[[\[]ق^\Y[\8'HYY[H[\] 'ZYHX\[]\]Y\\H[\]][ۈ]XHSSQSSŽ