Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 74

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Mobile Technology There’s an interesting time ahead for IT service management (ITSM) as it moves into the cloud and evolves to support a mobile workforce. Aparna TA, Marketing Analyst, ManageEngine, says help desks will have to adapt as end users’ expectations of ITSM solutions start to mirror those of consumer applications. Aparna TA, Marketing Analyst, ManageEngine 5 ITSM takeaways from Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report E very year Mary Meeker, a partner at venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, comes up with a report on global internet trends. This highly anticipated report sets the stage for the next big thing and sheds light on consumer technology adoption. This year, the report covers a wide range of topics from the increasing measurability of online advertising and the growing internet base in China, to technological advancements in health care services. While the report doesn’t explicitly talk about the impact of global trends on ITSM, it leaves a lot of breadcrumbs that set expectations for the future of the ITSM industry. These are: 1. Mobile is driving the consumerisation of enterprise IT: According to Meeker’s report, people spent more than twice as much time on mobile, desktop, and other connected devices in 2016 than they did in 2008. As the wall be GvVVW'6ƖfRBv&vV'2Fv7W7FW"WV7FF2s@DTĔtTD4VFW'&6RWfV&R֗'&&rF6Pb67VW"2"FR6VB266VW&Fr6vP7&72VFW'&6W36VBFFআ27&V6VBFWrVvG2@27&VFr'GVFW2f"WpWFG2b6gGv&RFVƗfW'7V622֖7&6W'f6W2V7F0FF&6W2WF2FR6gBg&Ц67FƖW"W'WGVƖ6V6W2F6VW"7V'67&FFV206G&'WFVBFFR&B7&V6P6VBFF2FRFPB67Bb6WGFrW6V@g&7G'V7GW&R&R֖֗6VB2&6r6V7W&G66W&0F7FFrFRVVBf"&P6Ɩ6S2VFW'&6W2F@6VBg&7G'V7GW&RFW&R&Pv'&WBFV"Ɩ6F>( 6V7W&GB6Ɩ6RFP7&V6VBFFbV&Ɩ0B&fFR6VG22VBFWVF7&V6RFR6WfW&GbƖ6W2F&VG2Bv֖r6VF֗6PV&rBVvvVVCFW&P&R&WB"b&ƖvW'2p6&VBFW7B֖ƖrBv֖r27FWffrv֖p&fFW2GVFfRFW&f6RFV&B&v6F2rW6Pv֖f6FF&fFRVvvpV&rFf&R66VF6&fFR'GVGF&fR7W7FW 6W'f6S7W'fW'gVfW cRb&v6F2W&W76V@FRVVBF&fFRV6W"66W70FƖR7W'B6V2FPw&wFbWrF2ƖR2@'&w6W"WFV622fVBFPvf"fFfR6W'f6RFVƗfW'FV2v6FVw&FRVFW'&6PƖ6F27V62VFW62vF67VW"Ɩ6F26VFp66VF6W0&R7FfVǒW6r66VF06VFFG&W727W7FW 66W&2B&W6fR77VW2FW6R&RW7B6RbFRWFW&W@G&VG2FB66FR"fW&vFFRG&V7F'bE4B&VFV@FV6vW2vRVVW.( 2&W'BW7@f7W6W2"FW&WBG&VG2FW&P&R6WfW&FV6vW2ƖR6PV&rǗF72BBv6&PWV7FVBF&R&rvR6vW'2FRgWGW&RbE4wwrFVƖvVF66