Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 58

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Cabling powered by CommScope acquires Cable Exchange C ommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks which operates in the Middle East, has agreed to acquire Cable Exchange. This is a privately held quick-turn supplier of fibre optic and copper assemblies for data, voice and video communications. Exchange’s leadership in the attractive quick-turn industry will complement our efforts in addressing this important market opportunity,” Edwards added. Cable Exchange manufactures a variety of fibre optic and copper cables, trunks and related products used in high-capacity data centres and other business enterprise applications. “We are thrilled to partner with an industry leader like CommScope,” said Cable Exchange President Joey Hynes. “We look forward to building upon our teams’ capabilities to serve the growing data centre market.” The company, founded in 1986, specialises in quick-turn delivery of its infrastructure products to customers from its two U.S. manufacturing centres. This acquisition will deepen CommScope’s capabilities in supporting the growing market for high-capacity, multi-tenant data centres and hyperscale data centres operated by the world’s largest technology and retail companies. Cable Exchange will operate as a stand- alone business within CommScope’s Connectivity Solutions segment. CommScope has seen a consistent growth in demand for its solutions across different verticals such as healthcare, education, telecommunications and finance. The company’s vast portfolio of network infrastructure includes some of the world’s most robust and innovative wireless and fibre optic solutions. Its employees help customers increase bandwidth; maximise existing capacity; improve network performance and availability; increase energy efficiency; and simplify technology migration. CommScope has deployed its solutions in the largest buildings, venues and data centres in the Middle East. Cable Exchange’s products include a full line of singlemode jumpers providing high bandwidth and transmission rates and supporting longer distances. These are designed for today’s high- speed networks with the intention of providing headroom for fut W&P7FF&G2FW&Rf7Vǒ7V7FV@BF6ǒFW7FVBf"6W'F70B&WGW&72F&W6G2FBVWB W6VVBGW7G'7FF&G22&RW6W"G&fVf&F@6W&6Rfw2F&VvWGv&2W&F'2&RV6ǒFWr&vW"@&R6WFF6VG&W2F7W'@w&wFG&ff2BG&67F2( vR&RV6VBFgW'FW"WBW 6&ƗFW2FRFF6VG&R&W@vF6&RW6vRG'W7FVB@&W7V7FVB&fFW"b7&F6WGv&g&7G'V7GW&RvF7G&r7W7FW &VF62( 6B666P&W6FVBB6VbWV7WFfRff6W VFFRVGv&G2( gW'FW"vR&VƖWfRFRVR&GV7G0BW&f&6Rb6&RW6vR&Pw&VBF6f"666R( vRFRfW&'W6W72Vf&V@&V26VvrvR&VƖWfR6&PSDTĔtTD4wwrFVƖvVF66