Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 57

CommScope’s High-Speed Migration Platform The challenge You are under increasing pressure to support faster data speeds, lower latency requirements and future changes that are hard to predict. New optics, fiber and standards provide promising individual tools, but what is your strategy? How do you ensure your infrastructure remains? Agile Flexible High density Easy to manage Scalable The strategy CommScope’s high-speed migration platform is a unified, end-to-end channel approach to your infrastructure’s evolution. It consists of modular fiber and connectivity building blocks, infrastructure intelligence and network planning tools. Working together, they guarantee your infrastructure continues to adapt, evolve and scale—efficiently and manageably. Platform components Patch panels: High-density (HD) and Ultra-high density (UD) panels provide up to 72 duplex LC or 48 MPO ports per RU— singlemode or multimode—to enable today’s leaf-and-spine networks. The unique split-tray design offers open access to all fibers and secures them to protect active links during modifications. A full line of fiber modules and adapter packs supports multiple shelf platforms for more agility. Fiber cabling: A complete array of fiber cables, including OM5 wideband multimode, enables shortwave division multiplexing, so you can use low-power, low-cost VCSEL technology to quadruple duplex fiber capacity. Ultra-low loss, pre-terminated components enable longer link spans that can support more attenuation-sensitive applications. For new short-reach singlemode optics, G.657.A2 SM maximizes performance and provides lowest bend losses. Connector modules: With 24-fiber MPO, CommScope ensures your lowest “first cost” duplex deployment with only one connection. 12-fiber MPOs support QSFP technology and seamless expansion of legacy 12-fiber infrastructure. In addition, 8-fiber MPOs are available to provide flexible, scalable breakouts for customers utilizing parallel optic configurations. Intelligence: To manage the growing infrastructure complexity, the core of the high-speed migration platform supports Automated Infrastructure Management. CommScope’s imVision ® , enables you to monitor and manage your infrastructure at port level and in real-time. imVision automates the process of planning, implementing and documenting moves/add/ changes, accelerates mean-time-to-repair and alerts you to unplanned or unauthorized changes in your physical layer. Network planning tools: CommScope’s Application Performance Specification and Link Loss Calculator make it easy to determine link support for new applications. The Application Performance Specification calculates the maximum supportable distance for any link design while the Link Loss Calculator provides the exact target performance for the link. For all compliant links—based on targeted versus measured performance— CommScope guarantees support for applications running within the maximum reach.¹ For more information on CommScope’s Application Performance Specification and Link Loss Calculator, visit CommScope: your long-term migration partner To keep up with the accelerating changes in your data center, your infrastructure must be agile, and fiber dense and support your evolving network strategies. CommScope’s high-speed migration platform delivers. More than innovative infrastructure solutions, it’s a long-term strategy that can take you from where you are today to where you need to go tomorrow. ¹ See CommScope Network Infrastructure System 25-year Extended Warranty and Application Assurance for important details and conditions. Visit our website or contact your local CommScope representative for more information. © 2017 CommScope, Inc. All rights reserved. CO-111622-EN (03/17) INTELLIGENTCIO 57