Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 51

FEATURE: CABLING STANDARDS C ommissioning and operating a new cabling system that complies with contemporary standards can be a complicated process. Businesses need to concentrate on the basics of their infrastructure ensuring they stay competitive with their rivals. In a world of increased expectations the speed of technological change is faster than ever. It’s all too easy and costly to fit a cabling system that becomes obsolete much quicker than anticipated. It’s important to remember that your system is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why Intelligent CIO spoke to three experts with industry insight to get the lowdown on the best way to avoid problems and get the best possible system in place. PAUL CAVE, TECHNICAL PRE- SALES MANAGER, EXCEL, MAYFLEX Perhaps one of the most overlooked elements of Information Technology is also one of the most overlooked and under- appreciated. How well your cabling infrastructure performs has a massive impact on the speed of your network and your ability to please your customers. We spoke to three experts to find out the best way to ensure you get the cabling system you deserve. “The key thing is to ensure is that the system is installed by a trained and certified integrator (by the manufacturer) and installed following the installation guidelines of the manufacturer.” How can those looking to install new cabling infrastructure ensure their cabling meets future standards? As cabling dictates how fast a network can operate, is there a particular standard those installing cabling infrastructure should look for in terms of speed? To ensure the best performance we always recommend that all customers should specify that the system should be installed and tested to ISO 11801. The reason this should be done rather than using TIA for example is that there are much higher test limits for Category 6A; 2.5dB on NEXT and as much as 4.7dB on the ACR values. All new applications ɔٕѼ)ɅєٕȃaMхɑ́ ӊd)ѡɕɔѡͅЁ݅䁥́Ѽ)䁄ѕѡЁ́)ٕɥѼЁѡхɑ́䁅)Ё䰁Ս́фȁQ0)́ЁɽɅ)]Ёݡ䁥́ѡɕ)ѕ䁽ɕեɕѼ)ɸхɑ)хɑ́݅ɐٔ)хѕѡЁѡմɕեɕ)́ ѕذݥѠɕѥ)ѡЁɔхѥ́͡ձ) ѕ ѕՔ́ѥٕ)ͽєܸQͥ́ȁѡ́́)%9Q11%9Q %<(