Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 23

FEATURE: CABLING “With the ability to provide Gigabit connectivity, FTTH opens up a range of possibilities.” Soaring temperatures during summer, exceeding 50°C had to be accounted for and another unique challenge was the possibility of any exposed cables being chewed on, and therefore affected, by rodents. We therefore utilised the highest grade single mode fibre optic cabling with very good ingress protection ratings. How long did it take to install? R&M worked together with Optimiza on the deployment. We began by delivering comprehensive in-country training to our partner’s 22 technicians which were followed up by certifications as this was a project mandate. Following the first five months of the roll-out, R&M’s team conducted a site- visit and audited the entire installation up until that point to ensure that it was fully compliant with best practices and industry standards. Because the entire system has been developed using R&M solutions and as it has been professionally installed by a certified partner, we will be able to offer Saraya Aqaba a 25-year warranty. How confident are you that the network can meet the needs of tomorrow? Performance of the network is dependent on the active components Saraya Aqaba, the luxury mixed-use tourism and leisure destination located on the shores of the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan which typically have refresh cycles of about five years. Unlike active components, replacement of cabling is extremely laborious and would create an inconvenience to residents at Saraya Aqaba. The owners therefore opted for the very latest fibre optic solutions from R&M and these conform to the highest industry standards. This, together with our 25-year systems warranty, will ensure that the passive components in the network will be capable of meeting the project’s needs for the next 25 years. “With the advancement of technology in the Middle East and the tech- savvy nature of consumers, FTTH is the clear way forward to meet growing expectations.” What are the notable safety aspects of the FTTH network? Given that the network will be the backbone for so many vital services in the project, security is a key priority. We have utilised our security solutions that include a key plug lock that allows patch cords to be locked in place in the faceplate or the patch panel. Without the key, these cannot be removed or changed and therefore it prevents unauthorised access. We have secured the racks themselves so that products can’t be removed without permission and control of the IT team. We have also provided colour coding for all the connections. As the cabling is categorised, it can easily be assigned to customers and segregated as per their security requirements. And of course, through the audit process, we have worked with the customer. How secure is the new network? It is very secure as we have utilised our security projects. Furthermore, since this is an FTTH deployment, we took care to ensure that this security is extended right until the home. So even unintentional disconnection due to residents tampering with the cabinets is rendered impossible. n INTELLIGENTCIO 23