Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 22

FEATURE: CABLING Saraya Aqaba, the luxury mixed-use tourism and leisure destination located on the shores of the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan With the ability to provide Gigabit connectivity, FTTH opens up a range of possibilities. Among these are triple play services – the packaging of voice, high speed Internet, and television as a combined offering from a single telecom provider. Convenience and safety are also top priorities for the developers of the mega-project which is why vital services such as fire alarms, CCTV, intercoms, and access control will all be connected to a centrally managed system via the secure FTTH network. As this is the first FTTH project in the country, the project’s consultants were keen on leveraging the expertise of qualified experts for the undertaking. Having successfully delivered many such projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, R&M boasted an impressive list of regional references and was fully qualified to provide the technical expertise and guidance necessary through the design, deployment and testing phases. Product quality was also a major factor in vendor selection as the network had to meet present and future requirements. “Today we provide 10GbE connectivity over this network, but thanks to the quality and capabili Y\وH][ۜH]H[\Y[H[[ܙX\B\YYHHX܈و\]]SSQSSš][XZH[H[\HX[š[\X\K8'H^Z[YYY[ SX\K[Z^H\][\Yx&\] \X[\[H܈Hܚ^۝[X[\[KH[\H\[\]ܚYH\[ӈXH\XH]\BXܚX\\Y[ \XYHۛX]]KH\[\[[Z[YH\HقXX[H\Z\YX\YHX[]][ۜHK\[\XBX\[\Hӕ\]Z\Y[HB\XHݚY\ۈ[\Y\[Z\\˂'H\YY[\Y \ٚ[B]H][Y[ڙXH\وX\\ˈ]HY[[Y[وXB[HZYHX\[HX \]H]\Bوۜ[Y\\HX\^Hܝ\›YY]ܛ[^X][ۜˈ[X\] BXY[][ۜ[HYܝوH^\B]X[YYY\\[Z^K\^XH\XXB'\^XH\XXB^H\H]\KBو\X[[\X\B\ۈXB]\\X\[Hٙ\Y 'B[[[XYZY[\XB\X܋YXK][[]Z]]HZYHX\ \^H[YXB^H\H]\K\و\X[[\X\H\ۈXB]\\X\[Hٙ\Y 8'HZY[[[XYZY[\XH\X܂$YXK][ ]Z]]BZYHX\ \^H[YXK\H[[[XYZY[]\\[ܙH[ܛX][ۂX]HڙX]\HHXZ܈[Y]›وXHHYBۛX]]H\\ق\^XH\XXO‘XHHYH  H[X\Hۙ\[\]ܜق\^XH\XXHٙ\HY\ BܘYH\ܛX[H\Y[X[[[Y\X[\\ˈ]\˜X؛ۙH[XK^H[[ٙ\Hوܚ]X[\X\š[Y[XK]KT\X\\[\[X\]H\[\X\ۈH]ܚˈ[و\˜[HۙH]\\Y]X[]K\ܛX[H[۝ ]\HB[[\و[[[]\^XH\XXO”\^XH\XXH\H[\]YBܘ\HX\\X\\YH[H[H\Z[˚[[Y[[˘