Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 15

LATEST LATEST INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: WHERE CHALLENGE MEETS OPPORTUNITY D igital transformation is sweeping every industry. The pace of change is exponential. And for businesses willing to embrace this brave new world, the possibilities are limitless. New ways to engage with customers, more innovation in the workforce, the chance to attract and retain the best talent, the ability to harness data insights: these are just some of the ܝ[]Y\HY [H[Y]\HX\^B[\XH[H܈\Y\[ܙX]HY\[X][ۈY[]\YX\ٝ[K]\YܙH\[[\\x&\U]YHY[™[[Y[[]\[\]YK]]\H\[x&\\[ۈ܈H]\K]]\[YHY][[ٛܛX][ۈ[ܙ\ܛ[\]HYX][KHYY܈U\ܝH[X][ۈوH\[\\œ\[[[ ]H^X][ۜوHܚٛܘH[H\Y\\HܙX]\[]\][ܙH[[ܙH\[\ۙXYۛ[H[B\Yܛ[H\وۛXY]X\[]\[›ۋY[X[\X\[ۙYHܙX]\Y\^\Y[H\˜X][Hܚ]X[ \][\[ۈ\]\\\[^X][ۂ\H^HXZ[Y][[ٛܛX][ۈHX\˂܈^x&\S]8&\H[[KۛY]\\\YHH˚[[Y[[˘KYK]\\\˚[[Y[[˘BSSQSSŒM