Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 111

FINAL WORD 7. Make everyone happy – simplify SSIDS Multiple SSIDs complicate life for IT and users alike. With effective policy management enforcement in place, BYOD and corporate-owned devices can connect to common SSIDs. Reducing the options for users to choose from simplifies the user experience, and makes it easier for IT to maintain SSIDs across multiple locations. Consolidation of SSIDs can also improve Wi-Fi performance. turning to new forms of MFA to ensure that the user of a device is really the person requesting access. Instead of token generation devices that are easily lost, there’s a better way. Now when a user connects to a network or opens an application, IT can require a secondary challenge that is as simple as picking up your smartphone and scanning your fingerprint, taking a selfie, or clicking on a pre-determined image from within the images library. Conclusion Manish Bhardwaj, Senior Marketing Manager, Middle East and Turkey at Aruba The key to improving your security posture revolves around your ability to leverage roles, location and policy enforcement to ensure that devices receive the access that IT expects, even when using common SSIDs. When personal devices are connected The continued rise of BYOD is inevitable, and few corporate leaders will pass up the productivity gains of a mobile workforce that pays for their own devices. But it is easy to lose track of long-term goals if you don’t have a By automating the discovery and onboarding of non-compliant devices, you can reduce costs and improve your security posture. This also allows users to re-onboard their own devices when smartphones and tablets are replaced, which also reduces the time IT has to spend on device onboarding. 6. Go with certificates – They’re more secure ѡݽɑ)Ú͕ݥЁѼՕЁݽɭ)ɔɕՕѱ䁱٥ݽɑ)͕Ѽѡаݡ)ѥѕ́ɹѽ͕ɔ)٥嵕и́ѡ͔)ѥٔɕѽ䁅ѕɹ)A-$ȁ e=́ЁЁɅѥ)Ё ѥєѡɥ( եЁѼЁͽ٥)́ɕɕ)䁵Ёͽѥѡ)Ց́ѡѼɥє)є́ݕ́ɕٽѥѕ)͡ձɕ%ѕɅѥݥѠ)5454ͽѥ͡ձ)ѥѡٕЁѡЁ٥)Ё݅́啐ɥȁѼ)ٕѥݽɬ́)Ёͽѥ)ܹѕэ)Ѽȸ`ݽɬ%P)ɽ٥%ѕɹЁ́䁥ͥɕ(ก ͥȁеɅѥձѤ)ѽȁѡѥѥ5)Q͔̰ѕɥ͔ф́)ѕѥѕɽ͵́)х̸́ѡ͔٥́ɔͥ)͡ɕ%Pɽͥ́ɔ)ͽQ͔Ё́ɔ)ͽѡѡ́ѡЁ͡ձ)ͥɕݡɕɥȁ e=)%ѡɅЁѡ)ɥٕ́ѡѽѡȁх́ݥѠ)م䁵)љɴ=ѡЁՑ́)͕٥̰9 e=ɑ)ѡɐ䁥ѕɅѥݥѠٕд)ɥٕɕѥ)%9Q11%9Q %<(