Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 105

FEATURE: FEATURE: GITEX M anageEngine, the real-time IT management company, will promote its management systems and unveil enhancements in IT security and IT Service Management at GITEX. management and bridge the gap between IT and business goals by building contextual integrations within our products,” said Nirmal Manoharan, regional director of sales, ManageEngine. It will promote its IT Service Management (ITSM), IT operations management, Windows Server management, endpoint management, mobile device management, security information and event management and IT analytics products. “This will also help reduce silos and operational costs. With IT service management being the heart of IT, we have plans to announce new developments in this space.” “With several advances in disruptive technologies such as mobility, big data analytics, and cloud, organisations are realising a void between their IT and business goals. This void is a leading cause of complexity in user experience and requirements. Our objective is to eliminate the complexity in IT Visitors to GITEX can join ManageEngine executives for a quick discussion on ‘Bot Technology and Machine Learning in IT Management’. ManageEngine experts will also be available to give product demonstrations and talk one-on-one with custo )ѹ̸)9ɵ5Ʌɕɕѽ)̰ͅ5)չȁɽ ѥѥ)%Q`ݔݽձѼ͡܁)ѵЁѼȁѽ́)ѹ́ѕɵ́ȁ͡)ɥѕЁЁѕ)ȁѕɴѼɵ)Ёѡѡɕtͅ)Qɕ!䰁Iɕѽȁձ)5аMѠ)ɥЁ9ᅹ́ Mѥ̸)Qɕ!䰁Iɕѽȁձ5аMѠ)ɥ9ᅹ́ Mѥ)8)ᅹ̰ѡݽɱݥ)́ѕ̰)չѡЁЁ)ѼѡѱЁ́ф)ɔمѥ́ɔѼѡ)=QQ<ͽѥ́Ё%Q`%)ѥѼ͡ݍͥ́ݽɱ)́18ͽѥ̰)ɽѡݥɽՍ)ܹѕэ)Ʌѥ́ȁѽ́)ѹ́Ёѡɕé)ѕ䁕ٕиq%Q`́ə)љɴȁ9ᅹ́Ѽ͡ݍ͔)ѕͥٔљ18)ͽѥ̰Ʌєѡɕ)́ȁݽɱ)مѥ́Ёȁѽ)ѹ́ɽɽչѡɕ+qeѕɑéݽɭ́ɔչ)ɕɔѼݥѠѡɕͥ)ݥѠ́ѽ)ɽѡ%ѕɹЁQ̰ e=)Ր٥ь ٕɝ)ݽɭѕ̰)хѥ́Ցم)ɕ䰁͍Ё̴݅)ɔɥ٥фɕ́Ѽ)ɕͥɕɍѕѕ)%Q`9ᅹ́ݥɅє)ȁфɔمѥ̰aM) ́ȁх%ɅՍɗd)ݥ́)᥉еѥٔݥѠ)ɍѕɕ̰ѥ͕ͅ)ѕȁձȁ嵕гt)!䁅)%9Q11%9Q %<(