Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 23 - Page 102

FEATURE: GITEX T rends that will shape the growing demand for fibre across the Middle East will be the focus for CommScope during GITEX. “Given the focus on a post-oil era, it’s no surprise the region is in the early stages of the greatest transformation of networking yet,” said Ehab Kanary, vice president of Enterprise, Middle East and Africa, CommScope. “It’s an exciting time as exponential growth in video, mobility and cloud are revolutionising how we connect to each other. CommScope is helping organisations across the Middle East and Africa plan for the future as communications technology evolves at an astounding rate.” As the world embarks on a potential fourth Industrial Revolution, it is the 30 billion to 50 billion connected devices that will spur the unprecedented growth in bandwidth. The next few years are critical to building the networks that will meet the demand. In anticipation of this need, CommScope, a leader in communications network infrastructure solutions, is preparing the Middle East and Africa for decades of increased bandwidth. “The Middle East is encouraging investment in high capacity networks as leaders see fibre as the infrastructure of the 21st century. High speed fibre broadband and cellular connectivity supports economic growth and an improved quality of life for everyone, as users expect fast and reliable connectivity anywhere, anytime from their devices,” said Femi Oshiga, vice president of service providers, CommScope Middle East and Africa. “CommScope’s combination of fibre and wireless technology will meet the needs for today’s and tomorrow’s expanding bandwidth demands.” n GITEX 2017 SPECIAL Savitha Bhaskar, COO, Condo Protego R epresentatives of Condo Protego will be available to discuss cybersecurity at GITEX. Some cybersecurity experts have described Malware attacks as an ‘arms race’ because hackers have developed increasingly complex approaches and security vendors have countered with stronger technology defences. “WannaCry and Petya malware attacks are not isolated incidents – every Middle East CIO needs to be prepared for malware attacks increasing in quantity and complexity, or risk massive losses,” said Savitha Bhaskar, COO at UAE-based IT infrastructure and information management consultancy and solutions provider Condo Protego. “The good news for Middle East CIOs is that most of them already have the technology solutions to fortify their cyber defences. “GITEX provides the platform to educate Middle East CIOs on the importance of working with specialised cybersecurity channel partners. Partners and clients can reinvent systems and processes to prevent, mitigate, and restore their data and enhance customer trust.” Condo Protego has seen strong Middle East success in deploying data protection strategies centered on industry-leading Symantec and RSA solutions. Among verticals, the services sector is at highest risk of ransomware attacks, bearing the burden of 38% of total attacks, according to a recent report by Symantec. Manufacturing, public administration, and finance and real estate also present high risk. Ehab Kanary, vice president of Enterprise, Middle East and Africa, CommScope 102 INTELLIGENTCIO Condo Protego, which is Latin for ‘to store and protect’ is a leading regional ‘consultative solutions provider’. It serves enterprises of all sizes, focusing on data storage, virtualisation, data protection and security. n