Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 95

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INTELLIGENT VERTICAL: HEALTHCARE KAIA HEALTH DEVELOPS FIRST AI-POWERED MOTION TRACKING FITNESS APP As technology innovates and people become more connected via smartphones, the healthcare sector is jumping on the bandwagon and reaping the benefits. The industry is utilising mobile technology to offer apps to patients, enhancing their experience and improving efficiency. A new fitness app has been launched which uses world first AI-powered motion tracking technology, without the need for additional hardware, to transform the iPhone into a virtual personal trainer which offers real-time feedback and helps users achieve the perfect squat. Free to download, the Perfect Squat Challenge app has been developed by leading digital therapy company Kaia Health in conjunction with physiotherapists and sport scientists to define a squat that a wide population can achieve. Once the app is opened, users are greeted by Kaia, a virtual personal trainer, who guides them through the exercises. Users place their iPhone upright on a table or against a wall, then step back approximately seven feet until their body becomes visible on the phone’s screen. The app then tracks 16 key points on the body using the phone’s camera stream. This contrasts your observed pose with the ‘ideal’ predefined pose and compares metrics including the relative positions of limbs and joints, and the angles between them. During the exercise, Kaia offers actionable, real-time audio feedback and video instructions which encourage users to achieve as many correct squats as possible, “ THE PATENT- PENDING TECHNOLOGY THAT UNDERPINS IT IS SET TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD OF FITNESS AND PHYSIOTHERAPY. INTELLIGENTCIO 95