Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 91

INDUSTRY WATCH THE DUAL OPERATION MODE OF MIFARE PLUS EV1 ENABLES HOTELS TO UPDATE THEIR INFRASTRUCTURE STEP- BY-STEP, DEPENDING ON THEIR NEEDS. T he need to continuously future- proof against tomorrow’s ongoing security needs is evident in a recent report by Akamai Technologies. Cybersecurity defenders are facing increasing threats from organisations in the form of bot-based credential abuse, targeting the hospitality industry and advanced distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks according to the Summer 2018 State of the Internet / Security: Web Attack Report released by Akamai. Analysis of current cyberattack trends from November 2017 through to April 2018 reveals the importance of maintaining agility not only by security teams, but also by developers, network operators and service providers, in order to mitigate new threats. Hospitality industry vs bots – analysis of fraud attempts The use of bots to abuse stolen credentials continues to be a major risk for Internet- driven businesses, but data from the report reveals that the hospitality industry experiences many more credential abuse attacks than other sectors. Akamai researchers analysed nearly 112 billion bot requests and 3.9 billion malicious login attempts that targeted sites in this industry, including airlines, cruise lines and hotels among others. Nearly 40% of the traffic seen across hotel and travel sites is classified as Martin McKeay, Senior Security Advocate, Akamai ‘impersonators of known browsers’, which is a known vector for fraud. “The attractiveness of the hospitality industry appears to have made it a significant target for hackers to carry out bot-driven fraud,” said Martin McKeay, Senior Security Advocate, Akamai and Senior Editor of the State of the Internet/ Security Report. The rise of advanced DDoS attacks highlights need for security adaptability While simple volumetric DDoS attacks continued to be the most common method used to attack organisations globally, other techniques have continued to appear. For this edition of the report, Akamai researchers identified and tracked advanced techniques that show the influence of intelligent, adaptive enemies INTELLIGENTCIO 91