Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 79

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Data Centres EkkoSense data centre solution delivers optimisation at reduced cost ///////////////////////////// E kkoSense, the UK-based data centre thermal optimisation specialist, has introduced a major new release of its SaaS-powered 3D visualisation and optimisation software. EkkoSoft Critical 4.1 delivers unrivalled Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Capacity Planning and Simulation capabilities for data centre and facilities management professionals, offering full cooling and power capacity planning coverage, as well as powerful real-time ‘What If?’ simulation support. functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure management approaches. With EkkoSoft Critical 4.1 in place, data centre managers can – for the first time – benefit from real-time visibility of their critical heartbeat operational data, while advanced 3D simulation capabilities gives data centre teams the ability to experiment safely with rack, power and cooling layouts, confident that EkkoSense’s real-time optimisation software will deliver optimal M&E configurations. to save time and at a fraction of the cost of complex DCIM suites or CFD consultancy approaches,” commented EkkoSense’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr Stu Redshaw. “With this latest release, EkkoSense is delivering on its commitment to broaden out the capabilities of our proven EkkoSoft Critical solution by building on our powerful real- time 3D visualisation software and room- building capabilities with the industry’s most comprehensive provision of M&E capacity planning and simulation features. Unlike over-complex DCIM or consultancy- led CFD approaches, EkkoSoft Critical 4.1 is based on rigorous data centre thermal and power management engineering principles and is set to disrupt the sector by providing data centre operators with true DCIM- class Capacity Planning and Simulation “Given that so much data centre operator and facilities management time is taken up with tracking data centre thermal performance and ensuring the right cooling, power and space capacity strategies are in place, EkkoSoft Critical 4.1 provides the data centre management toolset needed “We’ve focused on making EkkoSoft Critical 4.1 particularly easy to use, removing the requirement for expensive consultancy support. Operation is as simple as dragging and dropping critical rack and cooling assets into place and running simulations,” he said. n INTELLIGENTCIO 79