Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 75

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Cloud Node4 launches new service for Microsoft Azure to reap cloud benefits ///////////////////////////// N ode4, the cloud, data centre and communications provider, has launched N4Stack, a range of services enabling Microsoft Azure users to move to a highly automated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) model across data operations, DevOps, security and SysOps functions. N4Stack will integrate Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Azure Active Directory and more to provide customers with a seamless hybrid service model across both Node4 data centres and Azure. N4Stack is designed to overcome the challenge faced by many Managed Cloud Providers who try to port outdated service models from their own data centres into Azure, without embracing its full range of capabilities. Adopting an IaC approach and building teams which include DevOps, data and security experts, allows customers to build new services that are cloud-native and add real value, especially to Azure developers. The launch of N4Stack will allow Node4 to extend its relationship with Az