Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 9 - Page 66

CASE STUDY rolling out new services to our clients that will immediately meet their needs.” The company is continuing with its plans to use Cloudian to cover areas such as backups, archives and general storage as a service. With the recent acquisition of two new global locations in Canada and Luxembourg, Calligo’s plans to roll out Cloudian HyperStore into a global network of over 20 nodes are well underway. Intelligent CIO Europe asked Julian Box some further questions to understand how the solution worked in more detail: How do you think Cloudian’s HyperStore solution has benefitted the company now that GDPR has come into practice? Cloudian HyperStore object storage has a number of capabilities that provide real advantages in supporting GDPR compliance and therefore our GDPR Data Privacy Services portfolio. Specific competencies include customisable metadata tags, scalability and data protection features. How successful have the GDPR services you offer been for your customers? Very successful. We have seen significant interest from around the world in our data privacy consultancy services and in our privacy by design services that specifically address the needs of businesses for the purpose CALLIGO’S PLANS TO ROLL OUT CLOUDIAN HYPERSTORE INTO A GLOBAL NETWORK OF OVER 20 NODES ARE WELL UNDERWAY. 66 INTELLIGENTCIO of balancing innovation with data privacy obligations in their new applications and services. Our cloud infrastructure services are also increasingly sought after as businesses seek out data residency guarantees and expertise in their cloud platforms. How far do you think the solution has enabled you to maintain the requirements of the GDPR regulation and do you see other companies discovering the same? Cloudian Hyperstore’s functionality has supported our ability to deliver services that address our clients’ GDPR obligations. As the number and severity of data privacy legislation frameworks increases worldwide, the importance of these capabilities and overlying services will naturally increase too. Has the rollout of the solution within your system been a success across the global network? Yes. Thanks to our global storage network, supported by Cloudian Hyperstore, Calligo is now servicing customers’ data privacy needs on both sides of the Atlantic – our footprint extends to Canada and Europe, as well as the US, UK and Channel Islands. n